Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frankentoe Story

So the day after we got back from BM, I went in for surgery on my toe at 9 am. Overall, it has been a much better surgery experience than I had last year with my knee which is a good thing because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have my other knee done fairly soon and it's good to know a better place to have ortho surgery.

My anesthesiologist's name was Dr. Cabaret. I'm not kidding. That's fantastic enough. DB and I kept calling him Dr. Cabernet. Anesthesiologists are always soo cool. I'm sure it's because they can get legal drugs. ;-) Anyway, I told Dr. C about how I didn't like how I came out of anesthesia last time and he promised to try to help. Well, he did a great job. This time, even though the surgery was much longer and more extensive than last time, I came out quickly, no horrible shivers, etc. He gave me a nerve block on my lower leg so I suspect they didn't have to give me so much narcotic.

I also got great post-op instructions (last time I got virtually NONE) and really really good pain meds (even though I had to go through the morphine withdrawal, it was worth it because I only had one day of real -- but bearable with the meds -- pain).

When I woke up from the surgery I found that I had a pin sticking out the end of my toe. Yes, yucky. They had told me I wouldn't have to have that, but the damage was too severe when they got in there. :-( I also have three other smaller pins inside my toe. I could show you the X-rays, but I'm afraid it might gross you out. I also learned that I couldn't shower for TWO WEEKS after the surgery. This was less disturbing to me than it might have been since I had a bunch of no-rinse shampoo, conditioner and body wash left over from Burning Man. But, believe me, after two weeks, you want a REAL SHOWER.

So I have muddled through the past two weeks during which time we have had two days of movers (one for just moving stuff that was already here, one for moving stuff in from storage). All our possessions are now on premises -- I spent last weekend unpacking. Probably did too much since the doc today said my toe was a little swollen.

Oh yeah, today was the big post-op appt. with the doc. They took off the dressings -- YUCK -- I almost threw up when I saw the blood on the interior dressings and when I saw the actual Frankentoe?? I had to lie down. Oy, can't even think about it...yucky. Bottom line is that I have to have the pin in my toe for at least 3 more weeks, then maybe it will come out. This means no regular shoes (I'm in a post-op sandal) and no walking regularly. I can't walk the dog. I can't bike. I finally realized I can probably do floor pilates. Otherwise, my butt will continue to spread. I'm terrified to get on the scale...with vacation, surgery, move, etc. I have been very sucky with food. And, of course, NO exercise really with the Frankentoe.

OK, the GOOD news today? I get to shower!!!!!!! Had one tonight and it would have been bliss if it didn't take so long (I can't stand up properly...my other knee is totally swollen from over-compensating) and if I didn't have to be so careful not to get too much water on the Frankentoe. It's hurting tonight more than it has in a long time and so I'm not doing all the stuff I should do tonight and just heading for bed soon.

So that brings us pretty up-to-date. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the BM post and Lori even wants to come!!! My job here is done. ;-)


Lori said...

What a hoot that your anethesiologist's name is Cabaret; I would have called him Cabernet too!

(I just thought of a great idea; come with clever things to do with your toe pin -- maybe DB can leave you notes on it? JK!)

When you wrote about feeling ill about seeing the Frankentoe in all of its glory, I really could understand. I didn't have any Frankentoe but just thinking about certain things from my accident made me queasy.

So you can't walk. That stinks and I know you are not happy about it. How about if I send you the DVD on exercising in a chair? And you can do arm weights too. Can you use crutches cause those are great upper body moves. Send me your address and I'll mail out the DVDs to you.

Of course, I'd want to go to BM! I really want to get my debt down so I can travel more (and get my knee in better shape too for that).

Mr. Flynn is next to me and meows hello to you, btw. Hang in there!

Vickie said...

I had a baby (youngest and I guess 2 years old might not seem like a baby - but she was still in diapers) in a leg cast. Husband I would have to both get in tub to clean her - one held her head and the other held her leg and we scrubbed the important - diaper parts.

And I had a leg cast as a junior high kid.

I know you don't have a cast - but I am empathising with the bathing thing. I am glad I elected shoe (instead of cast) in college with broken foot (freshman year) - showering was kind of important then.

Can you soak in tub with bad foot on stool hanging over edge of tub? Do you HAVE a tub at new place? If not - find a friend with a good tub that works so you can feel clean. Shower chair might be an idea.

You definitely should put the foot pix up - everyone else will feel much more sympathy if they see the green pin sticking out of your toe. . .just title the posting "not for the toe squeemish amnd the faint of heart might want to sit down for this posting. . ."

Cindy174 said...

Love the Dr. Cabernet! You poor thing with the pin in the toe. It will get better. When I sprained my ankle moving I hated that I could not walk the dog, and I know I got back into things too soon, but it worked itself out. Like Lori pointed out there are lots of things to do for exercise if you feel up to it all. Thanks for getting us up to date, I had been wondering..