Friday, February 19, 2010

NOT skiing this you believe it? ;-)

Yes, we are HOME this weekend...first time in WEEKS. I love skiing, but I'm happy to be home least until we head north again next Friday!

I have still been off of yoga this week...waiting for smooshed finger to heal a bit more before putting pressure on it. My teacher allowed me to suspend my pass until I'm better. Yay! I have been eating better and the weight from vacation is slowly coming off...I still have more to go though and clothes are tight. This reminds me to remain good so is not a really horrible thing.

The finger did not keep me from skiing last weekend though! We had a glorious along great with the people we shared the condo much so that we all cooked Valentine's dinner together at home! DB and I say every day is Valentine's Day in our world so February 14 is just another one. ;-) I am so lucky to have found my perfect mfeo Valentine.

This weekend we are booked up (of course)! Tonight we are meeting the son of the woman I was named for and his wife for dinner -- my parents were very close to his parents when I was little but it's been probably over 40 years since I've seen him. He and his wife live close to us, like to ski and he is also a musician so DB and he can maybe jam in the studio. Tomorrow we are having our long-delayed birthday lunch with my mom and I also have to get my hair cut, a pedicure and brow wax (being out of town has thrown a huge crimp in my grooming!). Sunday we are headed north to PD1's house for a birthday party for Princess and Little Dude (whose birthday is today). Thus will end our Birthday Season.

Next weekend we hope to take Princess skiing with us...she doesn't know yet and it all depends on how well she's doing in school because we will have to take her out for Monday the 1st if she goes. I really hope she has a good week because I want her to come with us! We took her skiing once about 5 years ago and, at 5, she wasn't really up to skiing yet. But at 10 she should be good to go! We're skiing at June Mountain next week (and staying there too -- it's also on our season pass for Mammoth) and it's a great beginner's mountain. I love it there. DB is kinda bored but he can go really fast (which is what he likes).

Just call me Skibunny... ;-)


Vickie said...

you really are a skibunny these days. glad you posted, I was wondering what you were doing.

Bea said...

Hi Skibunny. Much happening in my world, see blog. I think I am about to be an ex-blogger. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you and your support over the years. This sounds like the beginning of a suicide note. It isn't. I just wanted to say thanks.