Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two pieces of body/weight knowledge reinforced

The colonoscopy turned out fine. Doc was very happy that I had cleaned out for two days ahead of time instead of just one. I was too because it made the "prep" much less unpleasant. I had one polyp that he is sure is ok and it was removed (they biopsy it anyway). Now, here are the two things reinforced:

1. All calories are not created equal. I am certain that I "ate" less calories in my two prep days than I normally do. But they were all sugar and/or salt liquids (even though I tried to stay low sodium and lower carb). Did I lose weight? No. I actually "gained" a couple of pounds which are still lingering. I have no doubt that they will melt away after a couple of days back to my normal low-carb, low-sodium eating. So, if you think it's just a matter of calories, I say it's not. Food composition is, in my opinion and my experience, equally important.

2. Everybody's body is different. DB made the same anesthesia choice as I did. He was awake and ready to eat on the way home from his procedure. I was woozy and unhungry for HOURS after I was awake. I literally could not make my brain work to do any work that afternoon from home (as I had planned). Felt fine the next day, but the day Of? Nope. My body processed the anesthesia differently. I extrapolate this to most everything with how individual's bodies work -- there may be similarities, but it's important to know YOUR body and listen to it.

Fun yoga thing: this morning in class, the teacher said "hey, look back here, this is a perfect plank hiding in the back of class". Yes, that was me. I felt good because I work on form HARD. And that is something that this teacher really works on too. Of course, we're all perfect, but I still felt kinda extra-perfect today. ;-)

Going away this weekend for three days for our last pre-wedding anniversary (7 years on Saturday).


Laura N said...

first, happy pre-wedding 7th anniversary!

so good to hear the colonoscopy turned out A-OK. what a pain in the butt (literally, ha) to have to drink that stuff. blech. at least you did your part & they have true test results.

YAY for Super Plank! Great job.

Vickie said...

My goal for August is to REALLY work on plank form. Much of this is mental for me. So, I really appreciate your instructor's compliment to you. Plank, in intention of perfect form, is very hard.

My husband asked me 4 gazillion times, during the rest of morning, what did they say? was everything okay? when he had his last scope. He appeared to be with it, but was a dingleberry, so apparently not.

Dingleberry is my new word. We have days with a lot of dingleberries around here. . .

glad all went well.

have a fun weekend.