Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I am wearing a pair of absolutely gorgeous Donna Karan leather pants that I think I have not been able to wear in at least 8 years (since before I quit smoking -- and even before I met DB!). They are a teeny bit tight, but they are comfy enough to wear all day and tonight (going to see Roger Daltrey do Tommy tonight). Whooo hooo. So glad I didn't toss these...I kept all my old rock n roll leather since it's lovely and expensive.

Funnily, the scale is still not going down. But everyone still thinks I am losing. Maybe again soon... ;-)


Vickie said...


Laura N said...

leather pants?! wow! you're a rockstar!

I've never owned leather pants. Only in California :) Kidding.

I love that Friends episode where Ross is wearing leather pants and is at a girls apartment, and can't get them back on because he's sweaty (or some reason, I can't remember) and he coats himself with baby powder trying to get them back on.

Obviously, you are way sexier than he was!