Friday, September 18, 2009

Back to weight loss...and blogging about it!

Buckling down this week and finally letting go of "it's vacation, I can be a little bad" mentality worked. As of this morning, I am now just a few tenths of a pound above my absolute lowest ever since starting the Macro. I am planning to get more of the weight off before our NEXT vacation (going to NYC for the first week of November to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday). Go me!

It's still a struggle not to get frustrated that DB can eat a milkshake and an ice cream (one day this week) and is closing in on 30 pounds off while I have been nearly perfect and struggling to get back to my 20 pounds off (yes, I'm there now). It takes a lot of deep breaths...and denial. ;-)

My sister is going on the Macro next week...she doesn't have a lot to lose, but has been struggling with how she eats. And another friend started this week. I guess my and DB's results are a good advertisement for this plan! I honestly believe it's a really good basis for long-term for me.

My new assistant started the day I got back from Burning Man last week and (at least so far) I am very pleased. She has had to learn virtually everything from scratch and is making great progress. This reduces my stress level A LOT.

Tomorrow I'm going over to my mom's to help box up some stuff for her move (she moves into assisted living two weeks from today and is very excited -- it will be good for me too -- while her place will still be about the same distance from my house, 30 minutes, it will be only 5 minutes from my office so getting to her will be a lot easier). Then tomorrow night I'm going to my Wiccan friend's solstice celebration/birthday party in the garden where I worked a lot this summer. Sunday is another solstice celebration with some pagan friends. Lots of potluck eating this weekend! ;-)


Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

middle child's french teacher had them meet at Bob Evans Restaurant at 6pm on Thursday night. Everyone paid for themselves and ordered what they wanted. And all the conversation was in French. Very clever idea. It was not mandatory - but she said lots of kids (all different levels of French) were there. Teacher's husband and two girls came too.

Vickie said...

I did NOT -
but did either one of you happen to get blood work done to know if your numbers have improved with the way you are eating?

And do you think that while HIS weight IS sliding off (more easily) -
that he is eating healtier ???
playing/beating the system (and not actually eating healthier)???

I used to do blood work regularly (first two years) but have not checked since I sort of settled into the same types of foods.

You really do have it down to a science to have all your vacation(s) weight leveled back out - good for you!!!!!!!

I think I remember your saying that you were pretty careful with burning man. And I think you were careful with island too - you just didn't KNOW (about the total impact of the coconut milk or whatever was in your favorite drink).

Vickie said...

delete was me - I had half of one and half of the other and had to fix.

Helen said...

We haven't had any blood work...ours was very healthy BEFORE the loss!

I think he is eating somewhat healthier, but he is still playing around in ways that I can't. Man metabolism... :-(

French-speaking dinner with middle child sounds fun! Did she think it really helped? Speaking in "regular" situations is what really gets you SPEAKING the language. Funnily, we went out to dinner last night to a new nearby organic vegan restaurant and met the chef and I spoke French with him! :-)

Vickie said...

I had forgotten about your assistant - is the first new one after the old one (left? Can't remember what happened - was there a sad story?) or have you had a whole bunch?

Helen said...

The assistant thing is a whole saga. I had the one that just left for a year...she crashed and burned at the end. The one before (2nd best ever) I had for 3 years. I'm hopeful for this one -- she doesn't have that "entitled" attitude and is smart. We'll see. I'm jaded.

Cindy...154 said...

So glad you posted your photos. In the eighties I had a pink tu tu that was so fun to wear. I still have it in the dress up box - my daughter had the best dress up clothes - all mine from cocktail dresses to my new wave/punk rockish stuff. I want to do the crack macro or something like it. I am tired of gaining and losing the same ten pounds. Every time I read your burning man stuff each yaar I really want to go do it. Maybe next year....

Doc Manette said...

Enjoyed your photo's - (I actually saw them a few minutes after you had posted them last week - but didn't sign into blogger to comment.)

I'm glad your assistant is working out and easing the stress workload for you.

The one lesson I learned about my lady cycle . . . if I feel PMS'y, need to immediately go into carb down mode because the carb-up day had me craving foods . . . not good.

Vickie said...

ditto what alicia said for me on migraine days. 'feeding' one does not make it go away - but that is ALWAYS where my mind goes. . .