Sunday, September 13, 2009

Burning Man Photos

Kind of in order...word narrative in post below...


Vickie said...

is THAT the slide with the astroturf??? and how big was the size of your burn?

loved all the clothes (gotta love the boots with all the tutu's).

And I see that you did have your dust ups.

You look great. DB looks great. thanks for posting all of them. I always love to see ... not experience - but see.

Helen said...

Yeah, that's the slide! The burn on my back is pretty big -- 3" X 4" bandages don't quite cover it. It's healing now and very itchy. DB puts antibiotic cream on it twice a day and now we've added cortisone cream for where the bandage tape irritated my skin.

I love the tutus tutu. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You look so fab in your tutu(s) and boots! Thanks so much for sharing the pics - have heard about Burning Man but your description and images make it so much more real. Glad you had such a wonderful time!