Sunday, October 11, 2009

So freakin' busy

Thanks to everyone who is still checking in with me even though I've been MIA for over a week....

Last week was incredibly busy at work...a couple of big deals and juggling all my usual stuff left no time for blogging and only limited time for reading the rest of you. It was one of those weeks where I really earned "the big bucks". ;-)

No, I have not yet been to the doc, but I'm calling tomorrow. The pain is bad some days, but not debilitating most days. However, it's been going on long enough that I don't feel like I hypochondriac going to check it out.

Weight-wise, I had a good week. I feel like I'm back moving in the right direction. This morning my weight was just 1 pound above my absolute lowest...and that's unheard of for a Sunday (Saturday is carb-up night and I had a couple of beers last night).

Yesterday I went to Goodwill to buy some jeans that fit...most of mine, while they are not falling off, don't look so great because they are baggy (I think that makes me look fatter than I am). It was fun to have almost every one I tried on fit. :-) I have some good-fitting jeans now and some that will be perfect in 5 pounds. And they are only $6 each! Can't beat that.

I've also been haunting ebay all week...trying to find cheap deals on different brands of shoes to try to find some that work for my wacky feet. Got some Merrells -- they are nice for my bunion, but they don't work well with my bad toe. The Teva boots are really good so far. Am going to try to get some Earth shoes this week because it seems that the shoes that go up in the front help support the bad toe (many Tevas do this). Even in Tevas though, sometimes (this morning) my toe hurts after walking not even that far. So I'll still be checking out more brands on ebay...trying to find ones that work for cheap.

Today we're working to pack up for a camping trip we're going on next weekend...yay! :-)

P.S. For those of you who aren't my Facebook friends, I went roller-blading for the first time ever on Thursday night!! I was slow and scared, but I didn't fall down a single time and I think that's pretty darn good for a 47-year-old who had never been on blades before! :-)


Vickie said...

I can well imagine how hard it is to find shoes. I know how hard it is for me - and all I am dealing with is finding ones where my inserts fit and they support the top of my foot as well as the bottom.

pain IS a mystery. Will be eager to hear what the doc says

I wondered where you were all week. where are you going camping - group thing with the other family again? all I can remember is that you all were bundled up and the baby was underdressed in every pic. We were at an outdoor event over the weekend - and MOST of the little kids WERE appropriately dressed. Most had heavy clothes and even good hats. I have a thing about babies/toddlers/little kids and HATS. Actually both girls and I were in good hats. We looked like the hat family.

Vickie said...

I told the girls the baby in camping pictures story and they reminded me that the youngest always loved layers and the middle child was always HOT and stripping them off as fast as I put them on. We were outside in high 30's and low 40's over the weekend. The youngest and I had on long underwear, foot warmers (the kind that are air activated and last for 6 hours), MANY layers and hats/mittens. The middle child had a hat, jeans, Tshirt and unbuttoned sweater and was fine. Youngest and I - with all our clothes - froze.

Helen said...

Doc thinks pain might be a nerve. I'm to ice and heat tonight and, if it's not better, go see him later in the week. I haven't been doing virtually ANY exercise of that part of my body so I don't know how I could have pinched a nerve...

We're going to a Burning Man "decompression" camping trip about 3 1/2 hours from here...down near San Diego. Our friends with the baby are coming. I'll remember to make sure she's warm! ;-)

Cindy...154 said...

Have fun on your camping trip! And isn't it great to buy new sizes and try things on and have them fit? I remember my good will summer dress buying last year. It was fun and very inexpensive. When you are going down sizes it saves so much money!