Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So I had a great weekend...Princess learned to ski as well as I do after five years in only two days. ;-) It was a joy to watch her. We had insane blizzard conditions on Saturday that I had never skied in before and beautiful sunny day on Sunday. I love love love the smaller resort we went to (and the little town where it is). We stayed in a motel in the canyon, our room (only $79/night) had a kitchenette and the motel's jacuzzi was awesome. We will probably go back (although DB is feeling very much like this smaller resort isn't enough mountain for him).

On the way home yesterday, we visited a national monument -- an internment center where people of Japanese descent were imprisoned during World War II. Interesting, sad...Princess got a history lesson on her day playing hooky from school. :-)

My anxiety attack news:

I felt better Friday night after a couple of beers and felt FINE all weekend. Driving back yesterday, I had a few symptoms and I thought/think it might be some kind of motion sickness. But today, back at work, I'm full-on into discomfort in my arm, stressed-out feelings, etc. Thinking of going back to doc...needing Xanax maybe (which a friend offered to me on Friday night when we were already on the way out of town). I have no idea what is up with this, but it's clear anxiety...and I don't know where it's coming from. :-(

I am going to yoga tonight. A friend recommended I try St. Johns Wort (which I have tried before and have felt nothing). We'll see what happens. This really sucks.

Oh yeah, and I gained 5 pounds from horrible eating this weekend. This ski trip weight yo-yo has to stop. We're going again in two weeks...

[P.S. to commenters on last post -- thank you all so much -- helps a lot!]


Cindy...154 said...

I take xanax for anxiety off and on. it works fast but wears off after a bit. It is the only thing I have found. Someone recently recommended St. John's wort to me, too but I recall getting some years ago without any effect. I hope you feel better. Hang in there!

Vickie said...

what Sharla said on your last post (about getting tests) is smart - because it will give them a good baseline now and can watch you as you age.

I also remember reading a list of symptoms for women with heart problems and it was not at all what you would think. the list included things that many of us experience every day.

So I do think you should go get fully checked out. they also do Xray to look for enlarged heart.

do you remember that my mom was having nightmares that I would have something wrong with my heart because she does - ?

I went to have xray to look for enlarged,

scan to look for blockage (like an MRI or CT but got heart between beats)



It was NICE to know that everything was okay.

Vickie said...

you probably need to get right back in to see your therapist.