Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is BUSY

I'm just back from another 3-day ski weekend and we had a really great time. This time PD2 and her whole family (Hubby, Cutie Pie now to be known as Ski Monkey, and Bon Bon) went with us. It is so much fun to be with them. We really seem to travel well together and can all relax.

We made good time and got into Mammoth about 11:30 on Friday night -- Ski Monkey even stayed up until we got there. :-) We stayed up too late chatting with PD2 and Hubby and got up early on Saturday. PD2 was really tired because Bon Bon has been sick (ear infection and cough) so she decided not to ski on Saturday. So DB and I took Ski Monkey up to ski. We went up and down practicing with her for about 3 hours! She really improved and was having a lot of fun after some falls and tears on her first run. By the end of that time, she was doing really well and we'd just ski down behind her to pick her up if she fell (which she really didn't unless it was on purpose -- so cute to watch her just sit down between her skis and rest then pop back up all on her own and take off again -- oh, to be 6!).

Hubby had come up to the lodge to meet a cousin of his who was in town. We dropped off Ski Monkey with him and then DB and I got to ski ourselves for about an hour before the end of the day. I got in some short blue (intermediate) runs and only fell once (last run of the day...blue run was very bumpy from everyone skiing down it all day). I really never fall anymore on the greens (beginner slopes) and almost never on the blues. :-)

After DB and I were done, we picked up Ski Monkey from Hubby, went to the grocery store and then home. We all got in the jacuzzi and then, after showers, made dinner together. We rounded out the evening with a long game of Uno. Fun! :-)

Sunday we all went up to the mountain to ski. DB and I went up first and got in several good runs (me mostly on blue!) before the rest arrived. The plan was that PD2 would watch Bon Bon (who is 2) at the beginning and DB, Hubby, Ski Monkey and I would ski down the long green slope (with DB following Hubby -- Hubby hadn't skied in a LONG time -- and me following Ski Monkey). We were off!! Ski Monkey was doing great and I just skied behind her so she felt safe. I feel SO SO great that I'm a good enough skier now that I can be responsible for her! :-) Hubby was having some problems and he had also hurt his back that morning. He only managed one run and then went to take care of Bon Bon while PS2 came up to ski. (Hubby actually took Bon Bon home...it's not too fun for her to just hang out at the lodge...luckily Hubby didn't pay full price for his ticket.)

We all spent quite a while skiing with Ski Monkey down the long green slope (called Pumpkin, which she loved). She was doing great and it was so fun to watch her and to watch her with PD2a (even though it's harder on your legs to go slower when you're used to going faster). About an hour before the lifts closed, DB and PD2 took off to go do some more challenging runs and left me to watch Ski Monkey on the green. Ski Monkey was getting tired so we only did a couple more runs...on the first one she ended up skiing into some deep snow (which is hard to get out of) so I had to take off my skis and walk in to drag her out. I kept her calm and was so proud I could take care of her. :-) The last run we just skied down together really well (me always behind so that I could pick her up if she fell...which she didn't). She's my ski buddy now. :-)

We stopped and had some drinks at the lodge while we waited for DB and PD2. They had a BALL. They both are REALLY good skiers so they could just go fast all over the mountain. I am so happy they had that time together. We all ended Sunday with big smiles on our faces. :-)

Sunday night after the hot tub and showers, we took Hubby out for his birthday (which is this Saturday)...we had a great dinner, all of us sharing our ski stories for the day. After that we had secretly bought a banana creme pie for Hubby (who doesn't like cake) and we had that and candles back at the condo. A very fun "pretend" birthday. :-)

We got up early yesterday to go ski. DB and I got to the slopes by 10 and it was a fantastic day!! For the first time I skied only blues...no greens! It was so fun to be able to choose from different runs and not just be stuck on one or two greens. I was having SO much fun. DB even skied a few with me (a lot faster than me, but...). I skied all the blues around the lodge where we were. I was just finishing up and planning two or three more runs when I decided to go down the first blue I ever did (on my birthday) for old time's sake. It was the easiest blue on that side of the mountain although a little steep. Well, guess what? I had a really bad crash at the bottom!! I don't really know what happened but my legs were out from under me in an instant and I banged my head hard. Was very happy to have a helmet!!! :-)

I was a little discombobulated, but I picked myself up quickly, got my skis back on and skied down. I wanted to call DB for some sympathy, but I knew I had to ski again right away or risk being afraid next time. So I went back to do my favorite run. As I was on the lift, I saw DB skiing down to it so when I got to the top I waited for him. Told him about my crash and we decided it was our last run of the day. I did my favorite one and he did his. We met at the bottom to head home. :-)

My brains were feeling pretty scrambled for a few hours and my left knee hurts. We went back to the condo (the owner let us have a late checkout), changed and hit the road. The rest of the family didn't ski yesterday...went sledding as a whole family and that was fun for them. We got home around 7:30, then went for a quick dinner with our neighbors before going to bed.

My knee woke me up in the night with pain, but the earthquake we had this morning didn't! ;-) I'm glad I have an appointment with my acupuncture doctor on Thursday (I decided last week that HE is the one who can help with all the stuff that I've got going on -- he kept me super-healthy for two years when I went to him regularly). I will skip yoga tonight to let my knee rest and will go back tomorrow night.

I did go to yoga last Thursday and it was better...Teacher had thought of some other variations for me and I approached the mat with a better attitude, i.e., don't get frustrated, just do what you can.

SO MUCH FUN skiing...even though it takes a hunk out of our "real" life. We hope to head back in two weeks... ;-)


Vickie said...

I was just wondering what you two had been up to for the weekend. Glad it worked out for the kids to come too. So sorry about your knee - hopefully it just heals right up and causes no further problems. Glad yoga was better. First times (back) are HARD.

sharla said...

ooh, sounds like a great time!
You sound much more positive-was worried about you after the last post (I'm reading, just can"t comment from my phone on crtain blogs, it's weird!

Cindy...154 said...

I am so glad you have this ski thing going on! Sounds so fun and you get the rest of the family involved. I love your nicknames for the kids! Thanks for posting!