Friday, July 2, 2010

June Gloom is leaving just as I leave for the weekend

It was sunny when we took our beach walk this morning! So nice not to have to put on a jacket or get droplets of moisture on my glasses. :-) The weekend is supposed to be sunny and nice here which will be good since DB is having a big BBQ/party on Sunday.

And I am going to Minnesota to rainy/cloudy/HOT. Oh joy. One reason I moved to California was to not have to suffer through the humid summers Back East. Oh well...

I am excited to see my friend and to BE there. Not excited to have to fly to get there. I think I will try the Valium. ;-) I'll be back Monday night.

Weight is at the high end of where it should be (10 lbs over my lowest). I clearly do not want to lose weight enough to actually DO something to make it happen. I will try to be careful with Midwest food this weekend...I'm hoping my friend eats better than she used to due to her heart condition.

Happy 4th to everyone! :-)


Vickie said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. Steel your heart - it will be very painful for you to watch if she still has BAD food/life habits. But in view of how you eat (most of the time) even if she is better than before, she is likely to still have very bad habits.

Vickie said...

home again?

Helen said...

I am home. Had a truly wonderful time. Very old-school Midwest fun. Loved every minute except the flying part. -- awesome result for vacation! Will blog details later.