Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Gloom and Rash

It's been gray gray gray for days and weeks (with a tiny tiny bit of sun last Sunday). They call it June Gloom in coastal California and this year I'm hating it with a passion. I feel completely gray on days like today. And that is pretty unlike me. I feel unmotivated to kick my exercise and diet up the notch that needs to happen.


I've had a rash on my inner arms for the past three days. I have wracked my brain and have no idea what might have caused this -- no new laundry detergent, clothes or anything like that. No new food that I never ate before. Benedryl doesn't seem to help it and cortisone cream only helps for a short time. It itches and it's hugely bumpy. I have no known allergies so this is really a pain...


I'm dealing with The Rash while stressing (yes, maybe it's a stress rash, but I've never had that happen before) over flying this weekend. Yuck, I hate to fly so much. And this weekend I'm going solo to Minnesota to visit a friend who is very sick (idiopathic cardiomyopathy -- which basically means her heart is dying, they don't know why and nothing they are doing to help it is working -- and she's 6 months older than me). I am hating to fly MORE as I get older...I've been feeling nauseous about it this time for almost 3 weeks. :-(


I'll be missing DB...we haven't been apart for three days in a while.


I'll be having a lot of fun with Minnesota Friend (even though it's in the 80s and and supposed to rain all weekend there...). :-)

(With so little sunshiney stuff to say, is it any wonder I don't want to blog?)


Anonymous said...

Trying switching to a unscented deodorant and or one without aluminum.I've had a rash in the same place a few times in my life. Each time I've switched deodorant and the rash cleared up. A friend once told me that sometimes companies tweak their formulas and that could cause a problem.

Vickie said...

My mom had a dreadful rash and both hands - same thing - no idea WHY. she ended up with two meds from dermatologist to combine (one was a cortisone and one was somethng else - I'll ask her in morning and leave you a note).

change in formulas is VERY true - happens with food and products all the time. And I do use unscented deo for that reason too.

I am trying to think of who you know in Minnasota - do I know them too?

the benedryl might help take the edge off for flying. and for sleeping in the meanwhile.

Vickie said...

middle is at the opening of the vampire movie - I am up waiting for it to finish so oldest and I can go get her and her friend after 2AM. they watched the first two movies first - special deal at the theater. I think there were 16 showings of these 3 all going at the same time - so plenty of seats for all.

Vickie said...

my mom says if you have over the counter coritsone - probably not strong enough.

So mom had Betamethasone Dipropionate .05%
Gentamicin Sulfate Ointment 0.1%

both are ointments

she mixed two together and put on 2x per day for 2 weeks

and then just once a day (bedtime) for a week

and then two to three times per week for a week.

mom said HAVE to put in on that often for that long - or it comes back.

and she and both use Qtip to put ointments ON - not finger tips.

Vickie said...

Protopic Ointment 0.1%

is what she uses now - a couple times a day - with no symptoms. Prevention.

And my mom said if you put a lemon or vinegar on your rash - and it burns - then skin is actually OPEN. And that is when you need the Gentamicin Sulfate Ointment 0.1% (which is the antibiotic) if no burn - then probably not open and then just need the prescription level cortisone.

Helen said...

Thanks, Vickie and Anonymous.

I don't use deo that has aluminum so that's not it.

I've got an appointment with dermatologist tomorrow morning to hopefully get a cream to help this. I'm worried it will be worse back in the hot humidity of the Midwest.

No, Vic, this is someone I became friends with through my business...have known her for about 12 years.

Helen said...

P.S. I am supposed to go to see the vampire movie tonight but was up very late last night after getting very upset with a clueless a$$hole friend of DB's. May go or not depending on how I feel. Will probably write about this a$$hole later because it's about my physicality.

Vickie said...

middle said this was (by far) the best of the 3 movies. she really was disappointed with the first one. Second she thought was better. this one she said had more developed characterization/deeper/richer.

(but she is very grumpy today - not going to bed until after 3am does not make her happy camper in general.)

Helen said...

I'm with Middle. I am sleep-deprived today too...although not for as fun a reason. ;-) I am skipping The Movie tonight. Will see it when I'm back next week. There goes my teenager cred. ;-) (My niece texted me from the theatre first thing this morning...)

sharla said...

I agree with you, the gloom sucks!

I hate flying. I like Vickies Benadryl idea.

Enjoy your time. So sorry about your friend

Helen said...

Doctor says it's contact dermatitis -- something I touched caused an allergic reaction -- she thinks it's the dryer sheets I use (even though I've been using them for a long time). This means that I called DB right after my appointment to put the stuff that was in the dryer at home back in the washer so I can have them ready to pack tonight.

She gave me a heavy-duty antihistimine prescription (Xyzal) that I take once a day, along with a cream (clobetasol propionate .05%) and an oral steroid to use if I'm really not getting better by tomorrow.

She said this type of thing has to be treated with drugs...otherwise is just spreads and spreads...so I am glad I went to see her.

Vickie said...

what dryer sheets do you use? I wonder if the formula changed? when do you leave? or are you already gone?

Helen said...

Not sure what brand they were...I always just buy whatever is cheapest. Anyway, no more dryer sheets for me...a friend sent me a link yesterday saying that their ingredients actually are carcinogens! I guess I can deal with staticky (sp?) laundry...

Not gone yet...flight leaves tonight at 6:30...and gets in at midnight MN time. :-) H

Have a good weekend!