Friday, June 18, 2010

Slippery grip

For the first time, I am sympathizing with those bloggers who say they don't want to write when they aren't doing so well. I tend to look on the positive side of most things and weight is no exception, but I've been struggling for months now and am not really making any headway, except to mitigate damage done by overdoing.

Lately my downfall has definitely been eating out. And this is a hard one for me to remove from my life...I like to eat out and we do it pretty often. And I almost always order very well. Last night, for example, I went to Indian food with a friend. I didn't order a fatty curry full of ghee. I didn't order rice or nan. I ordered a mixed salad (picked out the carrots and didn't eat them) and chicken tikka (grilled boneless chicken with grilled onions and peppers). I ate the whole salad and about 2/3 of the chicken (which was, admittedly, a lot). I had a little pappadam (lentil cracker) and pumpkin/garlic chutney. I had a glass of wine. I think this is a reasonable dinner. The scale didn't.

I still eat very well during the week -- in fact, I have a huge rut and eat virtually the same thing every single day until dinner. Weekends, like Vickie noted in her comment on my last post, are a problem since, while I order well, we eat out. A lot.

I'm not doing a lot of exercise even though I am still walking every morning and a few nights a week. This could be the problem. I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to get back to's June Gloom time here in Cali and it does affect my mood/energy. I'm full of excuses. And this is why I don't want to blog. :-(


Vickie said...

how much did it go up in 24 hours?

I looked up chutney (because I had no idea) and the sodium can range anywhere from 8mg to 350mg for 2T. So that is one real possibility.

the other would be what they used to season the chicken - as it was cooking or even marinating it in something before cooking.

I wonder if you can work something out with (say) 10 restaurants so you have something SAFE to eat at each of them (and then rotate).

Anonymous said...

I wrote out a nice comment and lost it. Rats. Let's try again.

What are you eating/doing differently now than what you did when you were losing more steadily? Are you eating out in different places, or making different food choices? Drinking lots of water? tracking your food and portions? Getting enough protein?

I wonder if your fast gain was water weight from extra salt - that sometimes happens to me, and I see a drop the day after if I'm eating right.

Hang in there!

sharla said...

i"m glad you mentioned the "june gloom".
I am having a hard time with it this year.
Here, it's almost like 2 days happen in one.
Gloomy till 2 or 3 and then my motivation kicks in.

it affects me alot too

Vickie said...

how did the weekend go? and you are now at the half way point for this week - how is it going?

Helen said...

Thanks for checking in...things are still slippery, but I'm maintaining. Not losing, maintaining. That's ok, but not what I want...however, I apparently don't want it ENOUGH.

Vickie said...

I think there have now been 2 weekends and the week in between since you posted - how goes it?

Helen said...

Not great. Not losing. Yo-yo-ing in same range. :-( I am just not motivated. And I'm not really exercising. But I'm not eating BADly.