Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quickly squeaking in another post before September ends

Not that I have much to say! I am still trying to take it easy because I still have a teeny cough...

Monday night it was so hot here that DB decided to organize our local friends to go down to the beach for a nighttime picnic and music fest. Everyone brought snacks and drinks and their instruments. We brought candles and incense and blankets. And we had a blast! My last hurrah of fun after doing way too much fun last weekend (I dove back into my usual social life -- including dinner out on Friday night, coffee and breakfast with friends on Sat., Muse concert on Saturday night, art exhibition on the beach until 3 am Sat. night and a festival in 106 weather on Sunday. I very nearly relapsed big after that weekend!

This week I have been good and yucky lbs are coming off. I've still been lurking 10-15 lbs. above my lowest and that does not feel good. :-(

My assistant came back from vacation on Wednesday and gave notice -- she got a job in her field (film) so is leaving me for HBO. Oh well. I like her, but realize this is a good move for her. I sure wish I didn't have to look for someone new after only a year though! The good news is that I've gotten a TON of resumes after putting the word out to my business contacts yesterday. There are SO many good people out of work and willing to work cheap. It's very sad and scary...but good for me...hopefully I'll get someone who stays for a while. I have interviews all day tomorrow. Wish me luck!

This weekend, I'm doing a 2-hour volunteer shift at the Burning Man "decompression" event in downtown L.A. I hope this gives me some of that Burner joy that I missed a lot of this year.

Other than that, I am planning to REST. We'll see if I follow through with that... ;-)


sharla said...

Helen, that does not sound like you will be resting this weekend! :)

Is hbo LA based or will she rlocate? Sorry you have to go thru the interviews-maybe you will get someone even better!

Vickie said...

how goes this week? did you survive the weekend?

Vickie said...

just ran into someone who had similar respitory problems and ended up in the ER 2x. It took her a full month to get on her feet (and I think she is younger than we are). Sounded very similar to your illness.

sharla said...

If you don't post soon, it will be another "sneaker iner" :)

Hope your feeling better!

Vickie said...

was just about to say the same thing - sharla beat me to it - we are 1/3 of the way through October already - can you believe it?