Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving in to peer pressure

Well, I haven't been posting because there's really not a lot to say, but I'm giving in to Vickie's and Sharla's peer pressure to sign in and say that! ;-)

My weight is still up and down, but maintaining in the 15-pounds-above-my-lowest range and I do NOT like this. But I have not buckled down to fix it yet. Each Monday I vow that week will be different and, while I made the vow again today, so far I haven't followed through. As usual, I have lots of excuses -- still coughing and low lung capacity keeps me from really exercising (although I got in some long walks this weekend) and jumping back into social life has meant drinking too many calories.

This week I probably won't get back to exercise other than walks, but I hope to get back to yoga next week. I really need to lose these lbs before ski season starts so my ski pants aren't too tight! I also have few social plans so will be easier to avoid drinking.

I am still doing well with food -- sticking to low-carb as much as possible. DB has been talking about doing "Bill Clinton's diet", but I don't think he really knows what that will mean practically so he hasn't given me any real instructions about what to buy/not buy/cook differently. I have decided, though, that I need to eat less red meat (it's been crazy with the bacon and beef -- even low fat -- since before Burning Man -- as a friend said "bacon is like meat candy") and so will implement that this week. I have also cut way back on dairy -- with the cough, that seemed wise and I will maintain that for now.

Social life the weekend before last was crammed even though we went into Friday with no plans. I was happy to be back to seeing friends, but I need a little BALANCE. This past weekend was better: dinner with a friend on Friday but home by 8:30, dinner and drinks with some friends on Saturday and cooked at home last night.

I had to get my car serviced on Saturday so, rather than sitting around waiting for two hours, I walked a mile to the local Goodwill store (which is GREAT) and got 4 pairs of pants, 8 shirts and 2 dresses for $61!!! That satisfied my "I want to shop" jonesing that I've felt lately (seems that when my cash situation is a little low, all I want to do is SHOP). AND I got a good 2-mile walk out of it on a very hot and sweaty day.

Saturday night, DB and I did probably another 2 miles on the beach before dinner and yesterday we did similar in the morning (although at a stroll pace) and I did another walk with Doglet in the late afternoon.

It's now too dark when I get home from work to do beach walks during the that's not something I can rely on again until spring. Back to home yoga practice!! :-)


Vickie said...

glad you posted

I keep nudging Laura back to blog land too
so far no luck with Alicia!

I know how hard it is to get going again with respitory issues - they are very hard.

how fun that you found such great stuff at goodwill!

Vickie said...


Helen said...

I feel like I know what's going on with Laura because I get her Facebook updates...micro-blogging. :-)

altopower said...

Glad your feeling better enough to go for long walks. We all start back somewhere - jumping in to serious exercise is hard when you still have medical issues. But you're doing it, so that's great.

Suggestion - try starting back on a plan on some other day than Monday. What about Wednesday or Thursday? Or wake up on Saturday and say, today is a start over day. Any day can be one :)

Not having a plan of what to buy, cook or eat makes it much harder. Talk with DB and find one, maybe not forever but for now. At least you'd have some guidance for planning.

That kind of shopping is so much fun!

Cindy...154 said...

very glad you posted!!

sharla said...

love Goodwill!
Hate this drzzly weather
hate early darkness
love that you posted!

What is doglet? My dad just adopted a "schnoodle" so ugly he's adorable!