Friday, October 15, 2010

OMG, yes two posts in one week!

I'm between assistants right now so my work productivity is so low that I kind of don't even bother except for emergencies so here I am...

Didn't do great this week on weight loss, but am down two pounds from last Friday so I'm not miserable. When I'm yo-yoing like I am now, it's hard to really call that a "loss", but I'll take it...particularly with almost zero exercise all week and more social activities than I had planned.

Like Sharla said, it's back to dark and drizzly here in "sunny" Southern California. YUCK. This weather makes me want to stay in bed every morning. But I drag myself out for the Coffee Walk... (P.S. to Sharla -- Doglet is a Jack Russell mix -- the cutest dog of all time -- he's lived with me now for almost 12 years.)

I still have days when my cough is pretty bad. Then I have days where it's almost gone. I'm not sure if or when I should call my doc...I can't imagine there is much he could do. But I can't get my flu shot until I'm totally healthy so I would like this to GO AWAY.

My mom is staying over with us tonight because tomorrow morning we are going to the wedding of one of her friends...who is 86!! I love that.

Other than that wedding, we have no plans this weekend. I doubt that will continue, but a girl can hope. ;-) Maybe a couple of long beach walks or biking if my lungs can take it.

Next week I really REALLY have to get back to yoga...even a little bit will help...because I am not doing badly on what is going into my mouth...just almost no exercise.


Vickie said...

I think you should call doc - if there is nothing to be done - there is nothing to be done - but maybe there IS.

have a lovely time at the wedding. Is it traditional church thing or park or beach?

Helen said...

SUPER traditional -- they are both very devout Catholics.

Will call doc on Monday if cough isn't GONE.

Cindy...154 said...

so glad you are posting, keep us updated..

sharla said...

yep, call- could be nothing, could be residual bacteria

Vickie said...

one post for this week? did you end up at doc? better? different meds? yoga?