Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's a lot to say and too little time in a day

But here are some of the topics that are in my consciousness right some point, I hope to have a chance to expand on this:

- Learning cannot be forced, but can be encouraged.
- Habits vs. addictions
- Exercise vs. perfect food (there really is no've gotta have both)
- Abstinence/moderation/overindulgence
- Approaching life as full of abundance or frightening because of scarcity

Work is too busy to blog even at lunchtime. Evenings and weekends have been the same.

I am still coughing. Went to pulmonologist last week and got Xrays and 8 vials of blood taken. Everything was negative. He gave me something for acid reflux to try over the weekend (although how that could be what is going on with my wheezing I fail to understand). It did not help...unsurprisingly. Had CT scans of chest and sinus on Tuesday. Still haven't heard results (doc was out yesterday), but I'm betting on sinus infection (although I am not really stuffy...I read on-line that the foul taste from my cough might be caused by that). All I really want is to STOP COUGHING (and wheezing and crackling in lungs).

Tonight DB has a gig (fun to go be a groupie). Tomorrow another friend has one. Saturday is PD2's birthday and we're going to see all the grandkids and have fun. There will be lots of costumes all weekend -- I'm going to be a rockabilly witch (had to work the crinoline in somehow)! ;-)

Weight is still stable, but a few pounds down from the last stable point. 12 more pounds to be where I was last year at this time.

Will catch up with everything...someday...


Vickie said...

loved your list

looking forward to reading your thoughts

have one to add that girls and I have been talking about for weeks

(what we perceive as) likes/personalities
(what is actually)
disordered behaviors/thinking

The simpliest one I can think to give you is my niece doing things with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. It is probably something she did as a toddler and her parents never put a stop to it. Now at the age of 18 it is socially unexceptable. But if it is pointed out to her, she says 'that is how she does things' or 'that is how she is'.

another one I can think of is women saying they are attracted to older men. they keep marrying them or having relationships with them that never work out (I am not talking about my mom, who would say it did work out, I am talking about people who get divorced). So it is like some sort of security/daddy thing, that they perceive as what they 'like'.

write as soon as you have the rest of your tests back. has anyone tried putting you on a nebulizer or other breathing treatment to see if that helps?

Helen said...

Nothing on my tests that accounts for my symptoms so doc has told me to take 5 days of prednisone. I am not happy about this and may not do it. If anyone knows anything about this, chime in please!

Vickie said...

did they test you to see if you have the right amount of air going in and the right amount coming out? Asthma?

we have had many spells like this in the past with middle where in the end, just had to do steriods to get it stopped. It would look like illness (she and I both cough with made asthma, so it looks like something like broncitis; I also can wheeze, but she never does, hers is always just coughing).

maybe you need to go to an island and bake it out. except the plane trip to get there would probably do your respitory system in.

Helen said...

They did test my lung capacity and it was perfect...while I was still wheezing.

Anyway, I decided (on the advice of a very smart nursing student friend of mine) to try working with an NSAID before going to the steroid (since the doc said I needed to get inflammation down). I have been taking 2 Aleve every 12 hours (double the OTC dose = prescription dose according to my friend) since Friday. So far, the results are VERY promising. If I'm not totally better by Thursday, I'll get the steroids, but I think this might just work... :-)

Vickie said...

so interesting the alieve is working
I can see it is the same idea - taking care of the iritation/inflamation.

keep posting, curious how this goes

Vickie said...

I think I am looking for a one piece, insulated snow mobile suit to pull over my exercise gear for winter.

I have my mom looking on ebay.

there was a green one listed in a small - but it was not long enough for me. So I must need a medium or a large depending on measurements. my mom is sending a note to the lady that had the small to see if she has any others.

actually my ideal one would be made out of several layers of heavy sweatshirt type material. I don't care that it is waterproof - would prefer soft and really warm

and I am looking for ebay type prices

Helen said...

I would definitely look on ebay...although I think most things that are like you described would be waterproof...I haven't ever seen anything like that out of heavy sweatshirt material. Search under ski pants or ski bibs. You will probably have better luck searching under mens because I haven't ever seen a womens one-piece long-sleeved thing. If you don't care about sleeves, a ski bib is the way to go...

Aleve still seems to be working but cough is not COMPLETELY gone. Am going to pick up prescription for pred tonight in case I ultimately have to use it.

sharla said...

Ok busy lady, how are you feeling?

Vickie said...


Vickie said...

we are now half way through November! how is it going? still coughing?