Sunday, November 14, 2010

I know I'm a slacker blogger...

...but I seem to be doing ok with micro-blogging on Facebook. Need to research how to link the two so when I post on FB it shows up here too so at least SOMETHING appears more often than every two weeks.

Life is still busy. DB is playing with 3 musical projects so we have rehearsals here in the studio many nights and performances many others. As I said on FB last night: "being a groupie is tiring, but rewarding". ;-)

We had a fun night last Wednesday going to a premiere for a film featuring one of our good friends. She had a fantastic role and I had not seen her act, she was great!! So absolutely cool to see your friends excel! She was actually the LEAD female in the film with a lot of famous/good actors. Too bad the film wasn't very good...lots of good performances though (including our friend).

I still am working toward weight-loss -- yesterday I weighed less than I have in a long time. And today I gained 5 pounds from yesterday morning! (I know why -- CHIPS and beer during a day-long child's/parent's birthday party then DB gig.) Oh well...I am working on it still...need more exercise mostly...the food remains pretty good most every day. But it sure is interesting how FAST the weight comes (and goes) on the scale. My sensitivity to carbs is really astonishing.

This Thursday during a monthly event we have in our neighborhood where there is tons of art exhibited, we are having an artist do a live mural painting on our front wall. I am so excited. We live in a kind of compound and our front wall has been so boring and white. Now it will have a whimsical painting of a gorilla family walking to the an up-and-coming artist in our community. There are a lot of murals in public places in Venice...I am happy to think of us contributing to that. :-)

In addition to DB gigs all over the place (usually at least once a week), our next three weekends are booked. Friends and pre-Thanksgiving prep next weekend, Thanksgiving in Nearby Town at DB's family's house (may be the last year the house is in the family so we and PD1 and PD2's families are going up for some fun family time), then memorial weekend for my friend Sheila who died in July (we are camping out near the beach and doing ash-scattering/memorial on Saturday afternoon -- people coming from near and far).

I have been doing daily meditations/chanting for a better more-positive future for the much negativity everywhere I see...I blame the media A LOT...I believe we can create a POSITIVE future and we all need to work toward that. Concentrating on this makes me and my world happier...micro to macro. Om.


Helen said...

P.S. Took the prednisone and coughing got better for two whole days then it was back. Called doc. He wanted to send me to an ENT to check my vocal chords. Uh, no. I've had plenty of tests. I told him I wanted to try what he gave DB (which got rid of his cough): antihistimine and nasal steroid. Am on day two. Seems to be working a little. Will try it for a week before trying something else.

Vickie said...

youngest was home with severe sore throat last week. sick as a dog for 1 1/2 days and then it was like a magic wand was waved - fine except tired.

Middle woke up with it (or something darned similar) this morning.

and I am on my way to have my lymphs checked (swollen one that I could SEE on the back of my shoulder/neck when I got out of the shower beginning of September, had mole off, mole was fine and not related, put me on antiB's, and now back for recheck)

So I can sort of relate to never ending cough

it would be wonderful if you would be able to figure out facebook link

I totally understand how fast the scale can go UP between salt and carbs. It is truly like a wacky science fiction thing. Like we could stand there and SEE it if we had a magic screen/viewer/scanner.

I had totally forgotten about DB's family house. Has brother been in it this whole time and now must be agreeing to sell?

Of husband's mothers THREE houses - oldest brother received one in will so he has a roof over his head (it is very tiny), one was signed back over to retirement community (it was a sort of own/lease thing, but $ did come back to estate), and then brothers can't decide what to do with 3rd - it is in resort area and will be sold eventually (trying to decide when price can be highest).

how fun to have friend in film. When woman from college guest appears in TV shows - I am always glad to see her even though I don't think I ever even talked to her one on one.

Helen said...

Luckily the scale goes down pretty fast too as long as I jump right back on the wagon -- although it doesn't go DOWN 5 pounds in a day -- takes a few days.

DB's brother has been living at the family house all this time. He (and a couple of other kids including DB) do not want to sell (I think it's a bad time to sell because of the market, but it may not get better). But three of the kids do want to sell so they are forcing it and the ones who don't want to sell are agreeing. But sloooowly. It has to be resolved by March 2012 (three years after DB's mom died). My guess is that it may take that long, but at least one brother is pushing hard for it to happen faster.

Hope your lymphs are ok!

Vickie said...

market is never supposed to go back to anywhere like it was. And it is supposed to take about 15 years to get even a little better. so what husband and one other brother are telling the other two is not only going to have property tax and insurance - also going to get into things like repairs. this house was already knocked off its foundation once by remnants (sp?) of a hurricane (6-7 hours IN land of coast and still did that much damage several years ago) so repairs are a real issue. Plus very wooded lot. So tree falling on it is a real possibility. Plus unlived in houses 'age' pretty quickly. The two remaining brothers, who do not want to sell, are the ones who sort of live in lala land. And they can't afford to buy out other two. So hopefully, like DB's family, it will be forced issue shortly. NO one wants to live in it or use it. They all do want to sell - it is WHEN that is the issue. One of the brothers is the one who she left the small house just so he would have a roof over his head. And the other has been in the process of getting a divorce since 2007 with no end in sight. So their track records are not good. . .