Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Belated Christmas!

I'm sorry I've been MIA...have been fighting a bad cold for over a week and before that Christmas festivities, etc. just pulled all my time and attention. The latest micro-blogs to catch y'all up:

Dec. 17: [post Adam show] He killed it...and a sweetheart to boot.
Dec. 17: Two (school) nights in a row up past 1...not a bad thing.
Dec. 18: Eek ..Tonite past midnight and oh so worth it. Thanks Jay for a fun time!!
Dec. 18: Time to bake the gingerbread for Yule celebration tonight.
Dec. 19: Finished shopping for my loved ones on this snuggly rainy addicted to vintage eyeglass frames shopping on ebay...shhhhh, don't tell present to me...ho ho ho!
Dec. 19: My poor sweetie is so under-the-weather...and this is some pretty harsh weather to be under! Super unlike.
Dec. 19: Frankincense, pine, nose is happy.
Dec. 22: I am sick of being sick.
Dec. 24: Presents are wrapped and I think I'm getting better...all I want for Christmas is for my sweetie to feel better too.
Dec. 24: Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad...I revel in the bounty with which I am graced during this beautiful season. Friends and family, YOU are the bounty.
Dec. 25: St. Nick [with photo of Doglet -- whose real name is Nick 'cause I got him 13 years ago on Boxing Day].
Dec. 26: Christmas with kids and grandkids rescheduled til next week due to illness.
Dec. 26: In line with 100 other people at Nordstrom Rack...the ancient Boxing Day shopping tradition is baaaack. Hoping this is the cure for lingering cold...

Still have very yukky cold with lots of green stuff coming out of my nose daily. YUCK. DB has been sick for ages and is headed to the doc again this afternoon. I am at work this week, but it is very very quiet. And my weight is SUCK. I ate like the bad-old-days over the weekend -- carborama -- and the scale shows it. Cracking down today to get in shape for skiing in three weeks -- at my current weight, I am afraid my ski pants won't fit! I have not been exercising for six months and it shows.

Looking forward to Black and White Ball for a gorgeous gown yesterday (DB is wearing a tux)...I hope we are both better by then...

Merry Christmas to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR (if I don't get back here before then)!!


Vickie said...

might be a silly questions -
but did you ever get all the way well after burning man?

I guess if IT is green it is definitely 'sick' and not asthma or something growing in the walls of your house or the like.

What is the stuff that everyone takes these days that knocks it right out of you? I will see if Sharla knows.

Helen said...

Not a silly question at all: I never REALLY stopped coughing. I literally have not woken up a single morning since Burning Man without having a cough. BUT the cough now is worse again. I've heard that you are weakened by pneumonia for a good 6 months after so that's probably why I have been hit so hard by the cold. According to our doc, nothing knocks this new harsher cold out -- if Sharla knows something, please let me know because DB is REALLY sick. His pulse is too high and he's sleeping all the time...and it's been going on for WEEKS. We went to the doc last Monday and the doc basically said "oh well, everyone is getting this bad virus and nothing to do for it but rest and drink fluids". DB is back at the doc right now because being sick this long is NOT RIGHT. :-(

Vickie said...

sharla said...
Elderberry Syrup or emergen c

I'm in bed sick as a dog with either food poisoning or the stomach flu

Haven't left my room/bathroom.

My brother called and dad is in bed with the same


Vickie said...

And I think YOU need to be seen by a pulmonologist (not sure if I spelled that right).

Vickie said...

the 'sharla said' was all sharla

we are not sick!

Helen said...

Hope Sharla feels better...yuck!! :-(

I saw a pulmonologist months ago. He did jillions of tests and didn't find anything. None of his treatments really worked. :-(

DB forced the doc to take blood from him yesterday...I am concerned that there is an immunity problem...his dad had a chronic form of leukemia for 25 years. I am very very angry that our doc did not do this on his own when we saw him last week. AND he didn't have any response about DB's high pulse rate (which seems to be a lot better -- I think it was caused by taking the "real" sudafed -- which makes me feel like I'm on speed).

May be a project to find a new doc in the new year...but I've been with this one for many many years.

Vickie said...

Happy New Year!

sharla said...

Happy New Years Helen!

Hope you are feeling better and DB too!