Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The wheel turns

We had the memorial for Sheila last Saturday. Ended up not camping because it's been really cold (well, California cold!) recently. It was beautiful and moving. Starting late in the afternoon, we burned sage and incense around the shell holding her ashes, then had a champagne toast, then scattered many rose petals on the sand at the edge of the ocean at her favorite beach. We scattered her ashes on top. The tide was coming in to send her all over the world...as it should be...she was an adventurous world traveller.

After we scattered the ashes, some of us spoke. I read part of an e-mail I wrote to her the day she died and read a poem from a book of Rumi that she had given to me. Others shared their memories and love of our dear friend.

After sunset, we headed for drinks and appetizers (funded by her estate) in a beautiful location at the end of a pier to celebrate an extraordinary life.

Most of last week, we had two of her NYC friends staying with us and it was wonderful to get to know them. Sheila kept her friends kind of compartmentalized so many of us did not know each other well or at all. I had only briefly met this friend on a visit she made to Sheila here, then she and her husband drove us to see Sheila the last time we were in NYC (and the last time we saw Sheila...in the hospital). Well, it turns out that this woman and I have A LOT of weird things in common. I feel like Sheila left me a new friend. Thank you, Sheila! :-)

The other big thing going on (except for extreme "oh my God I have hardly gotten any gifts yet" stress) is that I'm going to have to have a D&C...trying to get it by the end of the month. I'm not sure if I wrote about it, but I had an interminable period in August, had an ultrasound and they found the lining slightly thickened. My doc and I decided to wait a few months to see if my body would slough it off. Had another ultrasound last Monday and it's the same...and a little bit thicker. There's also a small fibroid and they think there may be a polyp in there that needs to come out.

Sooo...I have to have another test next Monday and meet the doc who will do the procedure. They hopefully get it scheduled and done by the end of the month because I've met my insurance deductible for the year. I don't think I'm REALLY worried, but do want to get this done. Being on hormones, there is always an increased risk of problems.

Weight is steady...higher than I'd like, but...


Vickie said...

make sure they have the timing (of your cycle right) and get an ablation at the same time (assuming you are not deciding to have a baby, once you have an ablation, no babies, but that does not mean no birth control, can still get pregnant, just can't carry).

sharla said...

sounds like a truly special service for sheila! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend!

Cool weather and forecasted now to be 85 on Sunday- Crazy!

Vickie said...

so you don't keep having problems. D&C just works for a short time and then problems again.

But HAVE to have correct timing for most effective ablation. Best outcome is no more bleeding. Average is spotting or just light period. Some do end up with hysterectomy long term. but this is very effective.