Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hovering in a lower range

By last Saturday, the scale actually showed a pound and a half below my previous low so I had broken new territory for a few days in a row. This, of course, feels great. I, however, have trouble resisting weekend treats all the time. Most weekends are pretty good, but...

We went to a birthday party last Saturday night for one of our best friends which morphed into an engagement party for a couple we know well who had just gotten engaged that morning. The party started at 8:30 so we went out to dinner at my new favorite place where I can get a good dinner of protein (amazing deviled eggs) and delicious veggies (a kale salad and brussels sprouts which make my mouth water). DB and I felt good after dinner -- we remarked that we were full, but not too full. Then we went to the party.

I figured there wouldn't be a lot of food since it was so late (which is why we ate before). I was soooo wrong. There was a ton of food. And the food at this friend's house is always always bad (again, a reason I had eaten before...just in case). I ate too much. I had salty chips and cheese and a few crackers. I managed to stop myself before diving into the cake, but it was too late. Sunday morning, my scale showed a gain of 5 pounds since Saturday morning. :-(

Now, you and I both know that this happens with me fairly frequently. I can put on a huge amount of lbs in just day. They come off quickly, but not as quickly as they go on. DB and I made a bet about just how long it would take for them to be gone. We both lost (he said Monday, I said Wednesday). This morning I am still a pound over what I was last Saturday morning.

It's amazing how fast my sabotage causes damage and how slow I am to recover. I'm not mad about this...just trying to become aware so maybe, more often, I will stop before my hand lands on that salty chip.

The good news is that:

- people continue to remark at how "skinny" I am getting.

- a friend gave me a pair of jeans the other night that are gorgeous and I said "well, these will fit me soon". I went home and they fit (I could wear them, but they are tight). They will be awesome in 5 more pounds. They are the size I was when I was at my best (10), not skinniest (6 or 8 -- which, for me, is too thin).

- when I have these UP days, the high weight is a LOT less than my low weight used to be so I'm hovering in a lower range.


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Vickie said...

I lived in a pair of jeans sort of like that all last holiday season. It was an excellent technique, highly effective reminder every minute of every day.

It is so good you get right on the scale when those things happen and then deal with it immediately. Can you imagine if you didn't? And then had another party? or FELL and hurt yourself? I can 100% how people end up 50-100 lbs heavier again in the blink of an eye.

You and I understand this all too well. I do not think other people REALLY do. they think they do, but if can't understand and then take immediate action, then I think they really don't get it. Self love, self protection, self help.

We are on our way to Washington DC today. Will be back sunday after Thanksgiving. My posts are set to roll. Have a great hoiiday week. (I am taking my skinniest pants and wearing them all week.)