Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best. Valentine's. Day. Ever.


Because we both think going out on Valentine's Day is for amateurs, once again this year, my sweetheart made last night special at home.

When I got home from work, the house was lit only by candles (and the red light on our Valentine tree), the massage table was set up in the living room, gifts were on the counter and there was a fire in our chiminea on our front patio. DB poured me a glass of champagne, while we burned the flowers he gave me for my birthday (they were ready to go) and talked about our day...

Then, dinner time! He had gone to my current favorite restaurant and gotten take-out of my favorite dishes: kale salad, brussells sprouts and deviled eggs. I love this place because portions are perfect and the chef adds just a little something yummy to each dish: blue cheese to kale, bacon and dried cherries to brussels sprouts, horseradish to deviled eggs. Perfect.

DB had gotten me way too many presents, but he told me that we would laugh at them together and we did! The theme was "food is love" (my family's unspoken motto): oven thermometer, new measuring spoons and two awesome spring-loaded cake pans (I struggled with my cake pans last weekend). So very thoughtful...he had talked with a friend of ours who is a baker and went to a special baking store. Sweet!!

I got DB a chest-mount for his GoPro camera (usually goes on helmet when skiing...and ziplining), but it didn't arrive in time. Oh will be here in time for this weekend's ski trip.

We both had nice massages and went to sleep fairly was great to have a night just to focus on each other and LOVE.

I am a lucky girl.

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Vickie said...

I thought I left you a note as soon as this post was published. I did read it (the post). Very glad you have had such a good couple months. You deserve it after the hectic stress of last fall.