Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I may have learned a new thing this weekend: the power of drinking water.

I know, you all are saying, "Helen, get with the program, we've all known how important water is FOREVER". You're right. I have known it intellectually, but I have never had a situation where I had a real practical experience...and, like with most weight- and food- and exercise-related things, I seem to need to EXPERIENCE the theory in order for it to (start to) sink in.

So, we went skiing last weekend. I am trying to do better with my eating and drinking on these weekends this winter than I did last year (when I weighed 15-20 pounds more than I do now). I am generally (like at home) not eating red meat. I am drinking not more than one beer a day. I am trying to keep the eaten-out breakfasts within a reasonable range. I am trying to balance -- when I've eaten something higher in calories or carbs than I usually eat at home, I eat less at the next meal. So far, so good (although I still have Xmas/NYE/Birthday lbs not completely gone)...

BUT, Sunday I had some ice cream after dinner. I had been craving it since my birthday and I made a conscious decision to eat it. Honestly, it was not very good and not worth it, but I knew what I was doing and was prepared for the consequences. Other than that, I had eaten REALLY well (even the eaten-out breakfasts which I always have to watch volume-wise -- and I had cooked dinner at the condo on Saturday night -- salmon and sauteed spinach and mushrooms, yum!).

THEN, Monday I made another conscious bad food decision for breakfast: corned beef hash and eggs...and a biscuit. The biscuit tasted like dry cake so I didn't finish it and the corned beef hash was SOOOOO salty. As soon as we got in the car after eating it, I had to stop for a huge 2-liter bottle of water. Over the next hours of driving, I drank two of those babies. And more that night. While I always have water on my desk as I work all day, I am sure I never drink that much regularly.

And, miracle of miracles, when I got on the scale yesterday (I left it at home for this short-trip weekend...maybe a mistake), I had only gained 1 pound. THAT is a miracle. One that I am not taking for granted, but am looking at the facts and figuring out how that happened...even with the extra exercise of skiing, I don't think I would have had that result without all that water.

So, glug glug, I just may have finally learned the lesson of REALLY drinking fact, I need to go get a refill right now! ;-)


Vickie said...

once I understood water is the only way for fat to leave the body, it made all the difference in the world in my perception.

That was a long ago conversation on Amazon (Frances). I think I actually wrote about it.

I realize there is bowel too, but water is THE thing.

Good for you in getting right back on track, because that is what really works long term. And I agree, often when I have planned for a bit of something, it does not live up to my expectations. Good that you did not finish what was not worth the calories.

You are doing well with your planning.

Cindy...154 said...

A late happy birthday!! Water is wonderful.

Vickie said...

it is one month today since you posted