Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie and exercise season

That about sums up my weekend (well, except for the part where I ate too much Thai food last night)!!

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night and it was really good. I only wish that it hadn't been built up so much -- if I would have seen it "cold", I probably would have LOVED it. As it is, I just liked it very much and do recommend it. I haven't seen any of the other real Oscar contenders yet but this one would be fine with me if it wins. I particularly loved the music (both the film and music won Golden Globes last night).

Saturday we went shopping (exercise) for glasses for me. As I've gotten older I just don't see as well with my contacts unless I wear reading glasses so I figure I might as well just wear glasses more often. I'm getting two pair so I'll have a "wardrobe" to choose from. I'm very excited. :-) After shopping, I went to the gym and then we did a beach walk (more exercise) before going to Souplantation for salad for dinner. Then we tried to go to see Benjamin Button, but the line was too long and we weren't all that sure we were up for a 3-hour movie anyway. Instead, we went home and watched In Bruges on DVD and I really really liked it. On this one, I had much lower expectations (even though I remember that both Lori and Laura liked it) so it feels like I liked it more than Slumdog, but I think it's about equal. Was happy when Colin Farrell won the GG last night for his performance and think the movie itself should probably have won for best comedy/musical (although I haven't seen Vicky Cristina...).

Yesterday morning, DB and I took our Sunday morning breakfast rut walk (oh yeah, we did that on Saturday too!), then he left for Nearby Town for his week of duty. I went and finished up shopping for Muffin's and DB's upcoming birthdays as planned. I also found an amazing ski jacket on sale that I bought for ME! I have been worried that Tahoe will be too warm for my very warm Park City ski jacket from last year and this one is perfect because it includes a removable vest that I can wear alone or with the coat. I am getting excited...just 12 more days until we leave! :-)

After shopping (exercise) yesterday, I went to the gym. I'm excited because my gym is (finally) starting to offer yoga classes (for an additional fee...I'm not so happy about that). I am going to try one out tomorrow night after I elliptical. I haven't been able to practice since I cracked my wrist last summer, but my physical therapist thinks it's ok for me to try now. I will ease back in by alternating with my gym workouts. Someday I hope to be back to yoga full-time and no gym (because my gym is pricey).

After gym it was time to shop (exercise) some more -- I had to return some things that I had bought a while ago and "needed" to keep shopping a little more for me. ;-) I bought a new dress and some workout pants. Then home to get ready for the GGs and to order the (too much) Thai food. I loved that Mickey Rourke (who I love, but haven't seen this film) thanked his dogs! I was up too late...watched the after party coverage too...but it was fun.

Tonight...more movies. I have Ghost Town and Queen of the Damned at home, plus all the instant view Netflix stuff. I'll wait for DB to get home before seeing any more Oscar contenders. But I love this many good movies to see!! :-)

[To answer Vickie: I have about 15 pounds to go to where I think I just MIGHT stop trying to lose. This is only about 5 pounds less than I was last summer before I lost my focus. I would LIKE to try to lose maybe 5 pounds beyond that so I have a cushion. Maybe it's good for me to set a "goal"...]


LG said...

I was trying to explain In Bruges to BF's OD's BF (got that? LOL). I also loved Ralph Fiennes in that movie too. He was hysterical.

You were just on a movie kick, weren't you? I do better with movies when I have no expectation too. (I enjoyed "Yes Man" because I didn't have any thoughts about it.)

You picked up some good deals....whoo whoo. And you went to the gym. Good for you!!

Grumpy Chair said...

Oh, I hope the Redbox rentals has that movie - would love to see In Bruges because I just love when Colin is in a comedy (Bridget Jones).

Hope you have success with the yoga and sore wrist doesn't complain.

Bea said...

Hi, I hate snow. That's all.