Friday, January 16, 2009

The same

I weigh exactly the same today as I did last Friday. I guess this isn't BAD news, but it's not GOOD either. :-(

OK, yes, I did eat too much Thai on Sunday night. And then went out for Mexican (and a few margaritas) on Monday with friends. But I also exercised relentlessly (my body is so sore today). I am a little discouraged.

But I do weigh at least 10 pounds less than I did last year at this time so I'm trying to hang on to that. And keep going...keep learning what works with the changing me...

Went back to yoga last night and it was good and sweaty and very challenging. It's a lot like when I went back early last year: totally frustrating that I can't do what I used to, hard to face the mat, I couldn't even do chattaranga yesterday (did it fine on Tuesday) because my arms still hurt so much from Tuesday!! I know this soreness is just the prelude to strength coming back and I like that. Some ouches are good. ;-)

I need this long weekend...have a lot of things to do (two gyms at least, take down Xmas decorations, pedicure, Bon Bon's make-up birthday on Sunday, get ready for ski trip leaving next Saturday, etc.). And THEN...Inauguration on Tuesday...yay! We're going to a ball... :-)


Vickie said...

If you ate out twice in one week and did not gain - no matter how much exercise that you did - that is a major victory! I would have expected the scale to go UP (it would if I did that) and it would not really be a gain - it would be chemical reaction.

I totally identify with not being able to hold/lift/lower your body weight after working out a lot - it is such a catch 22.

Pushups are exactly this way for me. And actually I have gone back to doing my push up sets against the wall.

I did not make it to either of my free weight classes on Thursday (snow, ice) and so feel like a weak blimp today.

Sitting here trying to decided whether it is better to go to two classes this morning (that both frustrate me)
Everyone is home and I will not be able to do anything meaningful on my own.

So is it better to do the half classes that will not really challenge me - or end up not really mindful at home. . .

LG said...

You're doing great; Vickie's right. Besides, you're doing what you need to do which are two things: exercise and living a life that's not too restrictive.

I like Vickie's idea of doing push-ups against the wall....hmmm.