Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Science Experiment

So, Sunday night I was hungry. SOO hungry. TOO hungry. I had had just a half a veggie omelet, green salad and some lettuce/cottage cheese snack all day. By 6 pm I was too hungry. I hadn't had my meals every 3-4 hours and I was cranky. So DB and I headed to one of our go-to restaurants (where I know I can eat something yummy and not off-plan). But I was so hungry that, in addition to my usual "treats" there, I ate three yes THREE small rolls. BIG mistake. I felt super-duper bloated and horrible. Went to bed early.

Monday I got on the scale and, YUP, I was up a couple of pounds. And that is just from those three small rolls (I had been perfect the rest of the weekend). Despite continuing evidence like this in My Experiment, I am still amazed how fast and hard those night-time bad carbs hit. Fast.

Of course, I had lost those lbs by this morning, but that came from getting right back on program, perfectly and PRONTO. I am still up about 4 lbs from my absolute lowest pre-NYC-vacation weight. Still plugging away. Slowly slowly losing. No goal-time for getting to where I want to be.

But I did buy some pants this weekend that are the size I want to be -- 10!!! And, while tight, they fit. I also put on an old pair of 10s that I have kept and they were even a little loose (why aren't all sizes in all brands the same? arrrgh). I'm sure you all know how happy that makes a girl feel. :-)

Last night I went back to yoga...again. I found a studio very very close to my house (4 blocks or so... a quick walk) and have been wanting to try it but (as I've blogged before) just haven't dragged my booty over. Well, last night was the night. They offer candlelight flow (vinyasa) yoga from 7:30 for an hour every night. I loved it. I just LOVED it. The studio is tiny (love that), the instructor has amazing positive energy and it is SO not the trendy nightmare that invades so many big yoga studios out here. The emphasis is on healing and alignment and I love that. The instructor said to me when I arrived "this isn't workout/sweaty yoga" (or something like that). I said that was good because I have not been practicing regularly for a while. But, as I always find in yoga, if you WORK, you sweat. That doesn't mean speed, just work. It was perfect for me where I am now.

My body/mind felt so great afterwards last night. And today I am sore in all the right places. I can't wait to go back (Thursday night). :-)


Vickie said...

how nice that it is every night - so when you want it - it is there for you!

I totally understand about seeing rolls on the scale immediately. I don't know if it is our age or what - but that is exactly how I am too. Carbs and sodium - I have them - but absolutely can't over DO it.

And I understand about feeling ucky immediately - my husband is now that way too. First me, then my mom, then the youngest, then the middle child, now my husband. We are dropping like bowling pins. Husband now says anything with what the rest of the world sees as 'seasoned' and he gags after the first bite on the sodium.

What kinds of pants are you buying? dressy? casual?

Vickie said...

I can see that the stretch/allignment would be very good after a full day of work (not sure how much sitting you do at work, but know that you have time in your car each day). Is it mostly 'on the floor' stretching or standing too?

Cindy...154 said...

Congrats on the new size. I like size 10, it is a very maintainable size for me. It is the size I don't go over. I can still wear some 8's and have a six or two somewhere (tight or impossibly tight) but 10 is good and reliable. It is so great that you get right back on the plan. You have been so faithful to the new way of eating it is an inspiration! It is easy to notice the junky carb feeling when we don't eat them much. Night-time carbs are my downfall, even good ones. I am thinking of just declaring nighttime a no-carb zone..

Vickie said...

sharla just mentioned that she can't post here because your blog is open (to anonymous (sp?) bloggers). Do you ever have anyone comment anonymously? because if you don't - you might want to turn off the open (so that someone has to have an ID to comment) so that Sharla can participate.

If you don't know where it is:
Who can Comment
have to have a blogger ID

Vickie said...

where have you been all week???

Helen said...

The reason I don't have my setting set so you have to have a blogger id to comment is because I don't like that on other people's blogs...sometimes I don't want to have to sign in to comment. But I'll think about this, thanks!