Thursday, November 12, 2009


As you all know, I love Thanksgiving and cook for it every year. When I lost The Big Weight, I learned to modify my traditional dishes to be low/lower fat and I have kept that up for many years. This year, I want to try to incorporate some of my lower-carb philosophy into my T-day treats. I have come up with some ideas , but would love to hear any favorite recipes or ideas you might have that are low-carb (i.e., not potatoes, rice, bread, etc.).

I have already thought of these things:

- Mashed cauliflower with parmesan cheese instead of mashed potatoes (for me and DB only...other guests will still get mashed taters!)
- Green salad (which I've never had before at Thanksgiving)
- Green beans with bacon (again, a traditional thing I've never done for T-day, but YUM)
- Altering my famous broccoli casserole to remove some (or all) of the crackers (it's basically broccoli, cheese, butter and crackers)
- Using Ezekiel bread for stuffing

Any other fave lower-carb recipes you might suggest?


altopower said...

What about something as simple as a fruit salad, either on its own or jello-based? I'd love the clean taste of fruit. Of course, they may rank way high up there on the carb meter; it's not something I've been tracking specifically.

Helen said...

Fruit is hugely high in carbs (carbs=sugar)...and I don't really like fruit anyway! ;-)

Vickie said...

What I have been doing - is typing the word 'healthy' and then whatever recipe I am looking for on google. so 'healthy green bean recipes'. all kinds of things pop up. I usually end up with a combination.

I have a Tday post popping up any day now. maybe over the weekend. but we are all PLAIN food eaters here (now) we do not put much of anything ON other foods (like we just eat steamed green beans with nothing on them) so I might be too far the other way from what you are striving for this year.

Anne M. said...
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sharla said...

I can't comment from my phone anymore :(

Why is it that Green Salads are not on Tday menu's? I had just thought to bring one this year.

I"m taking roasted sweet potatoes this year