Thursday, December 17, 2009

End of the year slowdown

Work has been slow all week...I am catching up! And I have a couple of minutes to blog. :-)

I'm still inching down the scale...feel pretty good about where I am pre-Christmas. I'd like to magically lose 5 pounds before The Day (when I know I will eat some bad stuff and probably "gain" 5 pounds), but that's probably not going to happen. So I'm just hanging on to maintain, keeping going to yoga as many times a week as time and my body permit...and that's good.

As of today, I think I have pretty much finished Christmas shopping. There's a lot more work to do (wrapping for 6 grandkids, for example!), but I'm feeling good about this too.

I canceled virtually all of my holiday party plans for the past week -- my sore throat was really getting me down. Finally, yesterday, I took the whole day off work and just stayed in bed the whole time...watching movies and playing Jewelz on my Droid. And, miraculously, this morning I felt better. Yay!

Tomorrow is our firm holiday party. This year we're having a lunch with just staff rather than a full-blown nighttime party with dates. They're also giving us all of tomorrow afternoon off work (yoga!). When they first announced this, we all thought it definitely meant that we were not getting Christmas bonuses this year. I have gotten one every single year I have been here (16 years) and, while I always appreciated that it was a GIFT, this year I really NEEDED it. Well...they gave us a bonus!! A little less than last year, but...whew!!! I literally burst into tears when they gave it to me. I was SO sure that they wouldn't (we didn't get raises this year either). Oh happy day!! I love my firm...they really do try to do right by us.

After the holiday party, I'm planning to go to yoga then, after dinner, am going to work with a charity packing up boxes of food for disadvantaged families. We actually have neighbors (at the beach) who are homeless. It is getting worse. I find it particularly sad at Christmastime...last night walking to yoga I saw a homeless person with all their bedding sitting outside the local Xmas tree lot which is all decorated with lights, etc. (and, by the way, which also benefits a great charity). They were gazing into the lot with longing. At least that's how it seemed to me from the other side of the street. It was poignant.

Saturday is treat-Helen-Christmas day: haircut, mani-pedi, brow wax and yoga. I also have to cook up some treat for our solstice celebration on Sunday evening. Sunday morning, I'm taking brunch to a friend who is having surgery tomorrow...and we'll watch a movie (she gets awards screeners).

Next week at work will probably be even slower than this I may be able to write more... :-)


altopower said...

I'm so glad you took time off of work to stay in bed and get better. Sometimes that's the vest thing you can do for yourself! Canceling holiday party plans was smart, too.

It's great that your firm was able to give out bonuses at a time when so many are holding on to just having jobs. Academia doesn't hand them out but I appreciate the concept :)

Vickie said...

youngest had 21 teachers out with stomach flu yesterday. that is out of 36 clasroom teachers and then about 20 specialty teachers. so not quite 50% but nearly. It was NOT because they all ate the same thing and got food poisoning. They had one of them tested - and it was pure viral stomach flu. it is NOT going through the kids yet.

very glad that your firm is dialing down parties and then giving you bonuses - it would have been really sad for them to spend lots on party and have it over so quick. Bonuses mean so much more this year.

glad your photos got there. I didn't send out a lot - maybe 2 doz and most of that was husband's family who had not had photos of our kids in years!

glad that the scale is doing well for you.

please write a little note as to which carbs still impact your WANTS/night time eating (if you have them) because I am curious.

Vickie said...

I am now eating more carbs (whole food) but VERY early in the day. My dinner is standardly massive amounts of veggies and a protein. And I am eating the same nearly every day - with one carb UP day. And not the same day each week.

sharla said...

So happy that you got the bonus!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year too!