Saturday, December 5, 2009

I wish I had more time to blog

But I don't.

Every free non-work minute seems to be filled lately with chores, social engagements and/or Christmas preparations.

I did ok this week...was very on-plan, but only managed to get rid of a little over 5 pounds. Still need to get almost five more to get to the absolute lowest that I saw on the scale one brief shining moment before I went to NYC on Halloween. So, yes, I'm still maintaining and SLOWLY losing.

I have been going to yoga 3 times a week...this is a lot more exercise than I've gotten in a few months. And it's weird that I'm not losing faster because of that. But maybe it's muscle building...I'm feeling really strong. BUT I did a number on a knee on Tuesday in class and today it was painful for me to walk to class (although the class itself felt good). Walking right now hurts. I'm icing right now and probably will stay home tonight to just rest my knee.

Didn't get everything done today that I wanted a lot of Xmas decorations up, but we didn't get our real tree yet. DB has been working like a madman to get outside work done that needs to be done before our first winter storm (rain) comes tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow we can get the real tree. Right now I'm happily listening to Xmas music and looking at our other decorations including our fantastic 60s silver tree. :-)

Big news this week was that I got a Motorola Droid...finally I'm into the 21st century when it comes to a phone!!! I've been playing with it every free moment this week to try to learn all of it's MANY capabilities. So far, I LOVE IT. Believe it or not, I couldn't even text before I got this phone!!!! Droid is seksi. ;-)

Gotta go check on DB, finish laundry and see what's up for the coming evening...


Vickie said...

five pounds in a week is pretty major! Actually five pounds in a month is pretty major down at the low levels where you are now.

did you twist knee or what happened?

altopower said...

Five pounds? there's no "only" about that, my friend, especially in a single week. As long as you follow your plan, you'll get where you want to go.

I know how much you love yoga so am glad you have that back in your life, but booooo for the knee pain. Take it easy, ice, and all that stuff.

Enjoy your Droid!

Helen said...

I "lost" a lot last week because I gained a lot over Thanksgiving! ;-) Still down the same today as I was on Friday...and still 5 lbs. over my absolute lowest so far.

Not sure what is up with my knee...I've been wearing a brace since yesterday...when I walk sometimes the pain is agonizing. And then sometimes it goes away. I think I messed up by wearing Converse and orthotics (that I hadn't worn in a while) while out on a walking evening on Friday. I really really hope I haven't screwed it up too badly. Waiting until tomorrow before trying more yoga...