Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm about ready to give in to the damn sugar

It is EVERYWHERE. And, even though sugary food is not my favorite, for some reason the past couple of days it has taken every fiber of my being to resist the candy, cookies, etc. that are veritably permeating my office. And I'm tired of fighting. I just may give in. Well, OK, to be honest, I did give in a teeny bit over the weekend -- I had a tiny 1/4 of a dessert at our office party on Friday, 5 homemade dark chocolate truffles with sea salt at our Yule celebration on Sunday night, two small pieces of fudge on Monday. And, other than that, I have been virtually perfect (including 4 yogas last week and on-track for my usual this week). My reward for this perfection is that I am sitting firmly at 3 pounds above my lowest weight. Firmly 3 pounds above where I wanted to be on Christmas. And where, at this point, it is clear I won't be.

I'm not sure where this sugar thing is coming from...I think it may be that it's the time of the month where my weight goes up and I'm more hungry than usual...and it just happens to have happened Christmas week...when chocolate, etc. is everywhere. And work is slow. So I have time to think about all those treats sitting over there in the basket on the table in my office...

I'm bummed out. I am feeling like my usual willpower is out the window. But I haven't given in really...yet. But I'm having a hard time convincing myself to wait until Christmas for a treat.

Other than this, all is well. Had a couple of great yoga practices last week...Saturday's was with a new teacher and really kicked my butt (men teachers are totally different than women)...I felt sore all over on Sunday (in a good way). Tonight is wrapping night -- with six grandkids you can imagine that it's a LONG process. Tomorrow I'll pick up my mom on the way home from work, (hopefully) go to 6 pm yoga, then our traditional Indian dinner and then driving (or walking) around to see lights. Friday we get up early, have breakfast and gifts then get ready for the big drive -- 2 hours north to PD1's house.

I am really ready for Christmas! Hurry Christmas, hurry fast (to quote the Whos -- not The Who, the Whos from The Grinch)!!!!

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Vickie said...

I can imagine how much junk is around in an office.

I can well imagine how much wrapping you have!!!

when husband I used to do it - I boxed and cut paper. He folded/taped and tagged. And we were pretty quick.

I have not wrapped a single thing in years - the girls have been wrapping as I have bought things. I think the middle child wrapped all my mom's too.

have a wonderful long weekend and a very merry christmas. I can't wait to hear what wonderful things DB came up with this year.