Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Go buy this book RIGHT NOW!

Angry Fat Girls by Frances Kuffel -- get it!!

I got it on my Kindle last night, started it and am loving it. If you read me, I think you will love it too. I am so happy that this will be the first full book I read on my Kindle -- that needed to be a momentous book that I'll never forget! :-)

Not as fun news: I was NOT a good girl over the New Year holiday. I gained more in those days than over Christmas. Why? I think it's for a few reasons:

- Christmas is a sugar holiday. New Year's is a salty holiday. We all know what I like best.
- We hosted New Year's at our house = leftovers.
- Christmas weekend we ran hither, thither and yon. This weekend, we spent one whole day in bed and the rest just RESTing. (Well, we did do that one yoga class on Saturday...)

So, I'm back in the losing mode again. Still maintaining the weight lost from the summer. Getting geared up to go LOWER on the scale. Getting strict again with The Macro like I said I would in my New Year's Eve post.

We are going skiing this coming weekend for the first time this season and I can't wait. I pick up my skis (that I bought on ebay for $60 and paid $50 more to get tuned and adjusted -- great deal!) tonight from the store where they are getting tuned. We leave Friday afternoon. I am even more excited because I tried on some ski pants that I bought YEARS ago (also on ebay) that were always too small and now they fit!!! I am excited to try them out this weekend. ;-)

Yoga is still going great...although the practice last night was very knee-intensive and mine are both sore today. DB has been with me to two classes already and he actually bought a pass for himself last night! I love having his energy on the mat next to me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Got my copy of AFG yesterday - when you preorder from Amazon, they ship so you get it on release day. Decided that this one I wanted in hardcopy so someday it can be autographed :)

You are really doing great at getting right back to work at dealing with those extra pounds. Skiing will help - and yayy you for the eBay wins to help that along.

How much do you want to drop to get to your new goal?

Helen said... really made me think, Anne. I typically don't have big solid "goals" with weight! This keeps me from being disappointed, I guess. But, I know that some goals are good so I thought about this and here it is: I want to be 10 pounds less than I have been at my lowest this year (right before Halloween). That is about 15 pounds from now. May not sound like a lot but, since I'm going very slowly now and I'm at a lower weight than when I started, it could take a while. But that's where I want to be. Thanks for asking! :-)

sharla said...

Ordered the book.
Skiing sounds like alot of fun and Yay for the pants fitting!

Helen said... are close should come skiing with us!! :-)

Vickie said...

is his positioning giggle worthy? or is he flexible. My husband was a swimmer that was never taught to compensate - and he is TIGHT. I would giggle hysterically the whole time.

VERY nice NSV with the ski pants!

have a wonderful time!

Frances Kuffel said...

Thanks for the good words -- & let it snow!

Cindy...154 said...

I better go get my copy, glad I found out the book is out!!

Doc Manette said...

I hope you and DB had a great ski trip and I'm sure you looked cute in your new skis and ski pants.