Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not blogging, but not gaining

Work has finally picked back up so I don't have much time to blog during the week.

We didn't go skiing last weekend...it was too much for me to pull together on short notice and I really needed a weekend (a long one at that!) at home to rest and catch up on things.

The prior weekend was actually pretty horrible -- we had a bad falling-out with our ski friends (couple who is/was long-time friends with DB). We won't be seeing them again. Very sad, but they were nuts. The whole incident really hurt my feelings (I guess they never really liked ME) so I'm not going to rehash it here. But it sucked.

My ski boots also really hurt me after just one run so I had to rent. I have to sell my current boots and DB bought me some more last weekend for my upcoming birthday. The ones I had just did not fit the shape of my foot and, as some of you might remember, I had a numb foot for a couple months after our ski week last year. It's not entirely better and I don't want it to get worse or permanent! We found a great ski shop with an amazing boot fitter -- we were with him for two hours on Saturday and I feel confident that I now have the right boots. Yay!

I also bought DB some skis on ebay for his birthday. Now we are all set for our ski week (leaving January 29)!!

Saw Avatar this weekend. I didn't think I was going to like it, but I LOVED it. That's all I'll say...don't want to build up or spoil for any of you who haven't seen it (has anyone not seen it?!).

We also spent time hanging out with friends and some really good "us" time. It was great not to have to do too much. DB said to me this morning "This little vacation weekend has been so nice...I don't want you to go back to work!" :-)

We may go ski locally one day this weekend...or not. We'll see. I've got a lot to do before we go away and DB's birthday is next week (we'll be having people over to play in his almost-completed studio, I'll be baking a cake, etc.)

I only went to yoga once this weekend...my thumb/wrist/arm on the right side is really hurting me and it's hard to practice with no down dogs or planks! I've been doing it in dolphin pose, but that's difficult for some parts of the flow.

Weight is stable. Going down a little bit each week. I might even get to a new low just in time for vacation... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Breaking ties after years of friendship is difficult and painful. Sending you and DB big hugs.

But yayyy! for getting new ski boots that really fit. The last thing you need is to cause your feet serious pain just because you already own the boots. Numb feet are not to be messed with.

Sorry you are missing yoga, which I know you really enjoy, and hope your thumb/wrist/arm get better quickly.

Lori G. said...

I'm so sorry about your friends. It is difficult and painful especially the way you described it.

Your long weekend sounded like fun -- and very relaxing. I want a do-over on my weekend. :-)

Hang in there -- it's less than a week away before you go skiing with the DB. YAY!

sharla said...

Hey Helen,
Can I ask you a question?

DQ got a weeks free pass for a heated yoga place, which she is loving!
With a student ID, I can buy her an unlimited monthly pass for $89.
Is that a normal/fair California price?
(I have no clue about anything yoga)

Helen said...

Hi Sharla...yes, that's a good price! :-) Mine is about $120 (and THAT's not expensive for unlimited...at least for L.A.). :-) Is she doing Bikram? I really like it hot...helps to not hurt yourself...people get hurt more when not warm.

sharla said...

Thanks Helen
It is Birkram at Core-Power (I guess it is a chain)

We weren't sure about the cost. I am going to get her a pass for a month and as long as she goes, I'll keep paying.
She really likes it and says it takes her stress away and calms her (that alone is worth every dime!).
She really likes an 8pm class that is by candle light.
Today, I told her we'd go get her some tops and a mat towel. The studio sells them for $65, but someone told her to go to TJ Maxx.

Thanks again!

Helen said...

I don't do Bikram so don't have a mat towel but, yes, there are a lot of places cheaper than a yoga studio/gym! You might also try Ross (my favorite store). ;-)