Friday, May 28, 2010

Still here (thanks, Vickie, for jiggling me to write)

It's been a nice busy week. No real progress on LOSING because I had three beers last Sunday while I had one of the BEST Sundays ever lolling on our futon bed in our front yard, snuggling with DB and reading my Kindle (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo -- I'm late to the party, I know, but I'm into it!) and it took me until Wednesday to lose those 4 pounds. But I'm maintaining comfortably and having fun COOKING dinner again:

Monday I made trout with thyme and lemon (baked) and we had that stir-fry cabbage yummy for a side dish.

Tuesday was hamburger on our "usual" salad.

Wednesday, I did baked boneless chicken breasts stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, brussels sprouts sauteed with shallots and a tomato salad with feta dressing (last one was for DB and our dinner guest, not me...I'm still not eating tomatoes).

Last night I went out, but was pretty good: cheeseburger with no bun, romaine salad with bacon bits and blue cheese dressing and a couple of glasses of champagne (no carbs).

I also skipped my bread every morning this week. Had to get those beer lbs. OFF. NO MORE BEER, HELEN. Much as it's yummy and perfect for summer. :-(

We do have big plans for the weekend -- tonight, after work, I'm shopping for our "End-of-Ski-Season-Welcome-Home" party that we are having Sunday night. A simple beach day, BBQ and music evening for about 50 people. ;-) Tomorrow PD1 and her family (including her 4 kids) are coming over and will spend the night so we'll have them with use for at least 24 hours...yay! (PD2 and her family are coming to the party on Sunday too.) Tomorrow night we are going to see the premier of an opera that was composed by one of our best friends. Monday we are RECOVERING. ;-) And packing for our camping trip next weekend (leaving on Thursday).

So, I'm still plodding along. Not back to yoga yet (although I finally went to a hand doctor and now am in a brace for my thumb for 8 weeks...and he gave me some good tips so I may be able to practice before then). I am walking my mile every morning and at least two evenings a week am walking a lot more on the beach. My doctor (had my annual physical last Monday) says this is good. I can't wait to get some more tone back into my arms. But I will be patient.

Wishing everyone a fun Memorial Day weekend!


Vickie said...

if your doc says it is okay you can do a LOT of tone with no weight bearing at all - arm circles - and other motions that you would do with weights - just without.

5-10 mintues of straight arms - even with no weights - and you FEEL it. we have at least one song in an hour of zumba where we are marching (highish knees) in place and then doing arm work with NO break - so the arms never go down - stay at shoulder height and we are all crying like babies by the end. The trick is LOTS of reps of the same exact move and then the next move - without ever putting arms down. And Zumba lady says NEVER make a fist while doing these - because that takes the work out of the arm and puts stress on hand. we do a soft open hand or a flat hand.

sharla said...

Hope your party was fun!

Your meals sound tastey too

Glad you posted