Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy should not be an excuse for not eating right

I'm feeling "as-salted" as Vickie would say.

I've been eating out WAY too much and, as of this morning, I realize why I keep gaining lbs -- it's the salt, stupid! I am weight is not going down, it is going up...not a lot, but still too much. And I am not really trying very hard. We are busy and eating out A LOT. It's fun and I do eat better than most people I see but I have no idea what is really going in the food I am eating.

Last night was the piece de resistance: we went out for dinner pre-theatre (our bimonthly Theatre Date Night). I ate a pretty good dinner -- fish and salad appetizer, steak and salad entree, sparkling wine, vodka cocktail -- the only "bad" thing was some crackers. The portions were not too big and I had eaten very carefully all day (less than usual). I felt like I navigated the Cinco de Mayo Mexican food thing pretty well. But nooooo...I got on the scale this morning and it showed 2.5 pounds up. Very not happy was I.

And then I realized that both DB and I were VERY thirsty after dinner...unusually so...and we are used to going to this restaurant pre-theatre all the time. We had to drink and drink and drink from the water fountain at the theatre. Wham! It occurred to me that we were as-salted. WAY too much salt in our meals for some reason. No idea why, but I am SURE that is it.

So, after our last ski weekend of the year this weekend, I plan to rededicate myself to our better habits and first among those is eating at home A LOT more. There's only so much you can control at a restaurant no matter how careful you are.


Vickie said...

amen. they salt EVERYTHING. And their taste buds are used to this style of cooking. So they see it as seasoning. and they season it a lot.

In the cold hard light of day - I wonder if it is possible to talk to them (now) and see if you can come up with something there that is not PREsalted that they then do not add salt to as they cook.

Many things are preseasoned/sauced and they have no control over those things - but the chef should know what those items are.

they should be able to tell you what is not presalted and then you can see if it is possible not to have them salted during the cooking process. of course - you would still be at their mercy (do they really not salt as they cook).

When I get assalted - it is a nice fat layer right around my belly. makes me c-r-a-z-y.

Cindy...154 said...

I agree on everything. Let's bring back the Drastic. I am tired of maintaining in the current range. I want to slide down about ten to another range to maintain and go up and down in. The salt in the eating out is really a sneaky culprit. Salad bars especially..

Bea said...

It's ALWAYS the "maintaining" isn't it? Hi. Long time no write. I loved those dress/pant outfits. Very stylish and your legs were covered up. I have bad veins in my legs and get tired of hose or leg makeup. Those pant things would be just the ticket.

We are eating out all the time too. Plays hell with the scale. The sugar also causes water retention. Too bad we can't rinse our entrees before we eat them. Take care. Lynn