Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting tired of maintaining

I guess that's a good thing...I'm getting tired of maintaining in this range so hopefully will be motivated to get going DOWN the scale again soon. I hate waking up and wondering which of my pants will fit (there are subtle fit differences even though they're all the same size these days).

Photo above is me in another salwar kameez...this is the dressy one that I wore for the black tie event on Wednesday. Super comfy and I got lots of compliments (this photos is at the end of the evening so I'm not so fresh looking but you get the idea).

We're headed up north again tonight for a three-day ski weekend -- this will probably be the last 3-dayer of the season (although we're going up for two days over Mother's Day weekend -- taking my mom so she can see the scenery). We are a "well-oiled ski machine" (DB's term) at this point -- it takes me 15 minutes to pack for the three days and us about 10 minutes to pack the car with everything including skis and gear. :-) They got another foot of snow this week so conditions will hopefully be good...and not too slushy too early in the day.


Vickie said...

it is beautiful - did you have a good time?

I totally understand about the pants - One pair can fit differently on me between morning and evening - depending on what I have eaten.

I think it partly due to the fact that my clothes FIT and have zippers and buttons.

But it also is because there is less leeway in my body.

my mom had an obese friend once that was 9 mos preg wearing her 'regular clothes' - and you could not tell at all that her belly had changed - it was just sort of absorbed into the mound of flesh.

I feel like I am the opposite of that.

Vickie said...

AND it is a very good early warning system.

If I can tell a diffence between morning and evening and you can tell a difference day to day - we are not suddenly going to have extra pounds creep on invisibly -

mine doesn't even have to be pounds - it can be fluid or gas from veggies or sodium - it is like the early warning bubba system - a tiny bit and I know it is there.

Frances Kuffel said...

Never forget that, unless one is a pre-pubescent or pre-menopausal woman, we carry a lot of water weight and can go up and down a scale and in out of clothes inside a single day. A lot of what happens with those dastardly measures isn't food, it's water. We're different machines than men.

You look fabulous!

sharla said...

lovely outfit!
pants will be on the way soon!
needed a bigger box

sharla said...

Finally got the box to the post office late yesterday-not sure if picked up last night or today.
All but a couple are 12's. There is a pair of 10's and a couple 14, but they fit like 12's.
Please pass on anything you don't like!!
Hope something in there works for you!!!
You really look very nice in that outfit!
Off to the snow for sons graduation.
Hope you have a nice weekend!