Friday, April 9, 2010

More more more

We're going this weekend for yet more skiing...will be a two-day weekend instead of three so, while less skiing, it will also be less stress since I won't have to take any time off work.

I've been having more "symptoms" this week...emotionality (very very stressed out feeling) on Tuesday and hot flashes (which I almost never have) the next two days. One of my breasts is also feeling very achy in the mornings. I have been in contact with my gyne and she suggested upping some of my supplement that I take to help metabolize the hormones. It feels better today. But that could be because of the ibuprofen I'm taking to make my back feel better (something jogged it out of whack last night and I woke up in quite a lot of pain). I've been icing today and keeping on the feels a lot better...hopefully will be ok to ski.

I have not been perfect in eating, but I am being good. Weight is maintaining.


Vickie said...

have fun skiing! hope your back survives! I was hoping to hear from you - and glad you took the time to post.

Lori G. said...

I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.

Vickie said...

THIS is what he checked in fall:

FSH 7.7
(depending on where in menst. cycle 2.5-10.2, 3.1-17.7, 1.5-9.1,
range in postmenopausal women is 23.0-116.3)

LH 6.8
(depending on where in menst. cycle 1.9-12.5, 8.7-76.3, .5-16.9,
range in postmenopausal women is 5.0-52.3)

CA 125 (this is the cancer check one) mine is 8 (<21 is good).

HELEN - if you mean something different - please leave me a list and I will call his office and have it added to the lab order.

Vickie said...

home this weekend - I half expected a 'on our way to _______' post yesterday - ?