Monday, April 19, 2010

Superiorly fun at-home weekend

Yes, we actually stayed home this weekend and had a ball!

Friday night, we planned to have dinner with a friend and that got rescheduled because her aunt died the day before. We decided not to cram another friend into that "spot" at the last minute and just planned to have an evening with us. We took a long beach walk (we've been doing this a lot that it's spring and lighter later I can do it after's working for me better than yoga at the moment), then went to dinner and early to bed.

Saturday, we did our morning Coffee Beach Walk, then went out for breakfast at a cheap place nearby. I was raring to go because a friend of ours who just got back from a trip to India was going to take me shopping in the afternoon to "Little India" (a 4-block stretch in a town nearby). We left about 11:30 and I got home at 7!!!! What fun! It was really like being in India for the afternoon (although cleaner according to my friend)...lots of shops...everyone was Indian and wearing Indian garb. It has been ages since I went shopping (which I love to do), so I went a little bananas. ;-) Bought five salwar cameez outfits (see photo of me above)...I'll probably give at least one away, but they were such a bargain at $25/each (including pants, tunic and lovely scarf). They are so cool, comfy and flattering. One of the ones I bought is so beautiful that I will wear it to a black-tie event I am attending this Wednesday.

We also had lunch at a Indian buffet where we were the only non-Indians there. I stuck with the meat and veggie dishes, had no rice and only one small thin piece of nan (bread). It was delicious. Oh yeah, I did have a couple of bites of the desserts (which were yummy and not too sweet -- which I why I probably liked them): halwa (made from carrots and almonds, I think) and kheer (made from rice and cream). It was worth the carbs, believe me. ;-)

I bought some pillow covers for throw pillows on our bed, an outfit for DB, four cds (yoga/mantra music that I love), Om and Ganesh stickers for my car and ski helmet, Indian groceries (WAY cheaper there than in my neighborhood) AND I got my eyebrows threaded for $4.99!!!! (I usually pay over $10 for waxing.) So many fun new experiences!

Saturday evening, DB and I did a little beach walk again and then dinner (burger and salad is my new favorite "treat" dinner).

Yesterday we were going to sleep in, but noooooooo. About 8:30 we heard a huge bang. Our electricity went off so DB went out back to investigate and found that it was a transformer that blew when a mylar balloon got into the electric wires. Yikes. We and all our neighbors called 911 and DWP to get service. Then we got back into bed and BANG! again. Louder this time. One of the wires out back had now broken, was lying across our tenant's apartment roof in the back and was on fire! I got dressed at this point to go see myself. The fire was incredibly hot but, luckily, landed on concrete (which it burned). Of course, we all were calling 911 again and now the fire department came...

By the time they arrived, the fire was out (until they touched the wire again). VERY hot (4800 watts going through this wire). The fire dept cut the wire so it wasn't a danger to anyone and DWP came soon after to fix it all. Whew. But a huge part of our neighborhood was without electricity all morning.

While they were fixing the power, we walked to coffee and breakfast at a new place. We were celebrating the 50th anniversary of my parents' first date. :-)

In the afternoon, we had our new petsitter come see the lay of the land before our next ski weekend (three days this coming weekend)...she got a ticket for talking on the phone with me as I "talked her in" to our parking spot. :-( But she seems nice and, luckily, doesn't have a puppy like our last, beloved sitter...after we took care of the puppy twice recently (including last week) and realized that she is (a) not house-trained, (b) chews everything including our antique sofa, and (c) most importantly, terrorizes my elderly gentleman Doglet, we realized we can't have her stay anymore.

After that meeting, I went to buy some work pants (I only had two pairs and am liking pants more than skirts right now). It was fun because everything I tried on fit! So I got to choose what looked good on me. Got two pairs for $25 total. Then went for a pedicure which I hadn't had in ages.

Last night I went to dinner with a good friend...just girls...and I wore a salwar cameez (above). Fun!

Today it's kind of interesting in my work neighborhood because the President is going to be staying at the hotel next door tonight. The 'hood is on lock-down as you can imagine. I wish I could see him! :-)

I'm feeling better physically...either it's the acupuncture or hormonal rebalancing or both. Either way, I'm so happy that episode seems to be OVER. :-)


Vickie said...

darling outfit!!!

glad to catch up on all your news!

I think my mom and dad would be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (not saying she should have stayed married - just saying - I think this might be THE year).

what size pants???? and isn't it wonderful to buy stuff that FITS?

Helen said...

This will also be the year that would have been my parents 50th wedding anniversary (in October).

Pants are size 12...I prefer being a 10 and that's what the last 15 lbs which I will FINALLY lose at some point will be for. But I'm happy and feel PRETTY good at size 12 since I'm tall.

Glad you like the outfit...I do too...they are just beautiful. I'm trying to figure out if I could wear one every day to work...but the scarf (which I think MAKES the outfit) gets in the way.

sharla said...

Love that outfit!!
I agree, the scarf makes it.

I have some size 12 pants and capri's that can use a new home. They were passed to me and now need passed on. I'd be haapy to send them your way

Vickie said...

I sent Sharla your email and your address. She and I normally just send checks - I don't know if she has a paypal set up.

Vickie said...

If you are looking for someone to send an outfit to - think middle child - right up her alley - she wears an 8 in dresses and a 6 in pants and is 5' 4". She likes RICH colors. Not bright - but rich.

She is the princess of costumes (you are the queen).

Vickie said...

I just took her downtown (tonight) to buy a mask for a dance (next week).

A shop had one of a kind mascarade (sp?) masks

(because you don't ever want to get to an event and see your face on someone else - right?).

Vickie said...

does not like RED or yellow or orange (she thinks she is too fair skinned).

She is a teal, rich purple, deep blues, deep aqua, deep greens (especially good olive green) girl.

Vickie said...

hope you have fun at your event - post pics!!!

helenfelicia said...

Great idea!! I'll look for some stuff for her next time I go. :-)