Friday, February 16, 2007

Big weekend ahead!

Yes, we have big plans -- we're having a BABY! (Well, not really "we"...) ;-) ...

Sunday, after yet another open house (please real estate gods, send me a buyer!), we're headed out to Desert Town to be with DB's two granddaughters (ages 7 and 2) -- their mommy is having another baby (boy) and they are inducing her at 5:30 pm if she hasn't gone into labor yet. We'll stay overnight there and come back here on Monday (with the girls -- we'll have them for a week). :-)

Tonight is dinner out with my Yoga Friend and possibly to a blues show at a bar at the beach. Tomorrow we're looking at some properties, I'm going to the gym, we're shopping for glasses, hopefully seeing DB's other daughter for lunch, and maybe (if we're lucky) Valentine's Day Do-Over (I have enough ingredients left over to re-make the VD meal...and I can eat it this time! Also hopefully hit the hot tub...although that might be kinda ouchy with the burn I have on my arm from the broiler on Wednesday...another story!). :-) Sunday I pack up the pets to go over to Best Friend's during the open house and we're having a brunch there with some of our old Record Company friends (one of whom is my mortgage broker now).

Wow...I'm really excited actually!! There may be some food challenges, but I feel up to them. At least I do at the moment... :-)


Vickie said...

Have fun with the little girls!!!

Lori said...

Oh how fun! Little girls for a week! It sounds like you're feeling better (and what a bummer that was for V-Day).

You were just dangerous on Wednesday; maybe you can just use the hot tub and raise your arm like you're constantly ordering drinks for your table... ;-)

I know you'll handle any food challenges that come your way. You're gonna have so much fun!