Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bring on the night

Yes, ok, I'm sitting here waiting, waiting, waiting for The Police to play on the Grammies. I should have pulled some strings this week to go see them, but I'm saving those strings for when they tour (hopefully) this year. Even though they are my FAVORITE with U2, unlike U2 who I have seen many times, I never got to see them live (although I've seen Sting multiple times solo). I am salivating at the thought. I love every single album. I'm a child of the music of the 70s and 80s...sigh...

Other stuff:

- I'm trying to sell my house (and buy a new, bigger, one with DB). Today was my first open house and so I had to pack up the pets (Doglet and Polar and cat) and head over to a friend's house for the afternoon. Problem is that Polar Bear always but always makes a mess in his carrier when he travels...this leads me to putting off vet visits, frankly, because I'm embarrassed. In anticipation of today and (if house isn't sold...send magic thoughts) next Sunday, I got a sedative for PB so he hopefully wouldn't do his thang in the carrier. So...this morning, I (with a lot of trouble) got the pill down him and he seemed very sleepy/sedated when I put him in his carrier...NOT. Oh well. When we got to my friend's, we let him out in her garden with Doglet (she has 4 cats and her garden is cat-proofed so no one can get out...not that Polar Bear could...he's diabetic, old and can barely walk)...he loved it! What a character! But he was very happy to be home to "his" room (he lives in a room in my house since DB is allergic)...although I will definitely be letting him out in my yard in the future because he had fun. :-)

- Had a really good time with Mommy yesterday. She didn't feel like going out to shop to replace the QVC sweater she got me for my birthday (it fit, but hit me in a bad place on my hips!) so we stayed in and chatted. And I shopped on QVC and got some great earrings to replace the sweater (I love Diamonique). A good friend of hers from college died suddenly on Thursday and I know how hard it is to lose a friend...she is feeling low. I am happy I got some time to spend with her. :-)

- I haven't been great with food or drink this weekend. When the weekend rolls around since I "can" drink I still am overdoing (although I must say that I had nada this afternoon at Friend's house -- although she did - while we watched a movie). Even though it's not that fun...hmmm...I think it's similar to the "I've got to eat all of it because I may never get it again" weird thoughts. I feel SO much better during the week when I'm disciplined, but...

- Can I just say how much I'm LOVING Netflix?! Friend got 6-months for me for my birthday and it's SO fun!! I registered on Monday, got my first flix on Wednesday, sent back one on Thursday, got an e-mail from them before 7 am on Friday saying they got it (!) and got a new one replacing it on Saturday! Wow. I wonder if it's this fast in smaller towns. Anyway, it's a truly fun gift.

- Saw The Last King of Scotland. I'm glad I saw it (because I try to see all the Oscar-nominated stuff). I love Forest Whittaker...think he's amazing in everything. This movie was interesting, but very very hard to watch. He was great and so was the Scot guy who played opposite him. Good movie, but difficult.

- Last but far from least, DB is due back tonight after three days in Nearby Town with his parents. Is this more exciting than The Police? Yes. ;-)


Vickie said...

I don't think I have seen on oscar movie (in years and years) - I did WATCH the Oscars up until about 3-4 years ago.

Did your mom's weird allergy thing go away? - or did she figure it out?

Did you have a lot of people attend open house?

Grumpy Chair said...

I love the Police also, but I have only seen Sting in concert - which was really great. I had great seats and he was just so darn cute.

My favorite part was the last song he played SOS!

Good luck selling the house.

Helen said...

Vickie -- So far, Mommy hasn't had another allergy attack (since she stopped eating the thing the allergist told her to stop). Crossing fingers that was it!! :-) We had about 2 dozen people come to open house according to my realtor and that's a very good turnout for our market at the moment.

Grumpy -- I love Sting...and he's a yoga man too! I have most of his solo albums (except the last few -- do I need a lute album?!).

Lori said...

I got to see the Police eons and eons ago at the Cap Centre in DC. It was fun, fun, fun. I hope you get your tickets for the reunion tour.

Your mom sounds so sweet and you sound like you had a wonderful little visit with her too.

That's a lot of people at your open house. I hope it gets sold soon so Polar Bear doesn't have to go anywhere in his carrier.

Netflix is fun but I love the queue part. ;-)