Monday, August 13, 2007

And Vacation Month begins... sister and her family from NYC arrive tomorrow...I am SO excited!!! DB and I have been working hard to make the new place fun and nice for the fam. Even now as I type DB is cleaning up his part of the pad and working on our home for Burning Man. Sweetie that he is! :-)

DB has lost about 10 pounds recently!! He just found out today and is so happy. Me? I think he was super sexy with those 10 pounds so it doesn't really make a difference to me, but since it means so much to HIM, I am happy. :-) Boys have it so much easier than we do...he cuts down a little and doesn't do any organized exercise and LOSES. Not what happens with me! But I'm happy that I'm doing so well considering that I am not eating or exercising perfectly. We both are getting a lot of inadvertent exercise with the move and walking and biking at the beach so that is good. But I'm also deliberately doing heavy-duty yoga and other stuff a few times a we'll see.

I'll be here intermittently until September. We leave for Burning Man the day my sister and her family leave (Aug. 26) and will be back in September. There will be a LOT of inadvertent exercise at BM so....crossing fingers all is even-steven when we get back. :-)


Vickie said...

Have a great time. Say hello to your sis. Will miss you.

Lori said...

Have a great time!

I know you will have a blast and you deserve it!

Cindy174 said...

Yes, men do have it easy, most of them anyway, where weight loss is concerned. Have a great time!!!