Monday, August 6, 2007

Busy busy bees

This weekend was the beginning of a month where there will be a lot of family fun...and my long-awaiting vacations (yes, vacationS!). :-)

Friday night I went and purchased a bike I found on Craigs List -- DB and I have been wanting to get some extra bikes for guests who come to our beach house and this was a nice cheap one. Unfortunately it just didn't quite fit in my Fit so I didn't get it all the way home but dropped it off at my office to wait for a day when I can get it in DB's bigger car. Then I went home and made an amazing (if I do say so myself!) Brazilian fish stew for dinner. Very low fat and with a salad on the side and some whole-grain bread. YUMMY.

Saturday was Project Day for DB and me. We slept in a little, but got up and headed out for errands by 10. We started with Home Depot: got several things we needed for the new house and piled them in the Fit. Then we headed over to where we store our Burning Man van, Vera. We took everything out of the van, inventoried it, put it back, made lists of what we need to get, etc. I'm our camp Procurement Officer (a/k/a The One Who Loves To Shop). After we got home, we dug in to getting the place nice for our Sunday Beach Fun Day with DB's kids and grandkids. We worked HARD -- I did a lot of planting, watering, etc. and DB packed more stuff into our garage storage areas. Then we cleaned and swept our patio and deck and collapsed about 6 from all our labor!

Sunday Fun Day: both of DB's daughters came down with one son-in-law and 4 grandkids. We had a BALL. It was the Festival of India in Venice Beach yesterday so there was a big parade with some grand floats and lots of food, music and shopping for cheap Indian products. We also had a nice meal at a local restaurant that DB and I have really been enjoying (we ate there THREE times this weekend!). Then one daughter left with two of the grandkids (she left the oldest with us to stay for a day or two -- yippee!). The rest of us headed to the sand about 5 pm and had SO MUCH FUN jumping in the waves and then body-surfing! We finally went home about 7, washed off all the sand in our outdoor shower (luxury!) then took real showers and got some take-out for dinner. We had a little excitement in the evening when a Mylar balloon in electric wires caused a black-out of our place and about 4 blocks around us. We had no power for a few hours, but it was fun with Granddaughter with us. I'm hoping she gets to stay at least another night -- of course, this was unplanned so she has no clothes other than what she wore so we're washing them every night and she's sleeping in a big t-shirt!

My weigh-in on Friday was surprisingly good, but I was not perfect with food this weekend. I hope all the work we did on Saturday and all the walking and water-play yesterday will balance that out. My GAK seems better although I'm still taking ibuprofen daily to make sure it stays that way...and I'm not walking on sand any more than I have to!! Biking seems ok though...on Thursday we took a picnic down to the free concert about a mile or so away and it was fine. Crossing fingers that it was just a weird aberration last week...

My sister and her family from NYC arrive a week from tomorrow so I will have 2 days off next week and two the next week and THEN a whole week for Burning Man. I really need a vacation!!!!!

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Lori said...

What a fun weekend for you! You have the best times and I'm so glad you have all of DB's daughters, grandchildren, and son-in-law visit you all. I'm assuming the knee will stay better for your activities.

Burning have such a fun vacation because you deserve it (and earned it too!). Congrats on the weight too!