Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is Giant Angry Knee contagious?!

Yikes. I think I've gotten the west coast version of Lori's GAK!

I made the mistake (apparently) of actually walking in the sand last night. This has always been stressful on my (bad) knees, but I was feeling optimistic since I've been biking and walking and stair-climbing and otherwise exercising a lot with no problems. Wrong-o. This morning my right knee (not the one that had surgery last October) was incredibly swollen...and it still is. It's hard to bend it even. And now it hurts. :-( I've taken two big doses of Ibuprofen and have been icing and it's not helping.

I'm very sad 'cause this means I can't do my scheduled walk tonight -- I'll walk Doglet, but not very far. I'll do pilates because that's not stressful on my knee. But I've been getting so excited about feeling strong and fit and hopeful about my weight and this restriction (even if for a short time) really bums me out.


Lori said...

No, GAK is supposed to be a local phenomena only seen in the East Coast, not on the West Coast.

But it sounds like it has manifested itself in an otherwise healthy patient (can you tell I used to type medical reports?). It probably is the sand -- everything else sounds perfectly PT-approved, the cycling, the stairs, walking.

Can you get DB to take the doglet out? I was reading something late the other night (I have two lumps in my calf so I was perusing WebMD because I'm a hypochondriac.) My friend C had a weird knee problem and I wondered if she had a Baker's cyst.

I'm trying to think of anything else you can do to relieve the pain but you're doing what the hospital told me to do: ice, ibuprofen. There's one thing you're not doing -- rest! ahem.

Maybe you can go to a pool and do some PT moves there in the water? I do understand now you feel, very much so. If it's not better by now, you should see the doctor. I'm so sorry you have this -- at least it's happening AFTER the move.

Anonymous said...

Didn't take the time to log in - hope you are doing better today.

SO SORRY to hear about the knee!!!

It is my biggest fear - throwing out back again or having one of the knees "blow" out - and I guess having my inner ear thing act up.

So I guess 3 big fears if you take them seperately.

We have been doing lots of headstand and backbend stuff in Yoga Barbara and I have been holding my breath to see if I would be able to tolerate it.

I went back to doctor and he gae me a prescription for inner ear/vertigo that seems to be holding me so far. So, each time, I think - am I pushing it? - or - am I okay?

And I keep thinking about you now having to deal with knee and the STAIRS!


Cindy174 said...

I have Giant Angry Ankle from time to time from my injury when I moved. It has a knot always but it can swell and stick out, in fact the whole ankle is bigger. It bothers me with summer with bare legged pretty shoe wearing. But I wear the pretties anyway and forget the ankle.