Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Car Owner...finally!!

I don't know when I'll be able to write a REAL post with deep feelings and insight because life is just so damn hectic lately (I don't feel bad or sad about this, it just IS). So today I'm gonna just have to touch on superficial (but maybe not) stuff before I crash thankfully into bed for a too-short sleep...

#1 Friday weigh-in: not so good...up over a pound. It's period week, but it's also because of not adhering to WOW (although being way better than the past few profligate weeks). I thought the massive amount of additional dog walking (plus yoga and pilates) might balance out the (relatively moderate) booze. No such luck. But I LOVE the walking whether it makes me lose weight or there!

#2 Bought a car tonight: I am so proud of myself. After disappointment last weekend (which makes me oh-so-afraid to be secure in happiness now), I went in armed for battle and I was magnificent in my negotiations! For someone who negotiates all the live long day for her living (in another business) this maybe shouldn't be so damn satisfying, but it is because what do I know about cars? Not a lot. But I looooove my new Honda Fit, copper color. It FITs in my new garage, gets fantastic gas mileage, has much better leg room than my last car (Highlander), has great cargo space, etc. DB helped me SO MUCH -- to realize that car dealing is a dance, that it takes TIME (I was there for 3 1/2 hours...and that was just making the deal, I'd already test-driven and chosen my car!), etc. He was in my ear the whole way and it was...magic. I am happy...even though it took me 4 tries to get my little copper Fit into my tiny garage. ;-)

#3 Tomorrow is ALL about showing The Last Bachelorette Pad to potential tenants: every half hour and 7 or 8 people. Cross your fingers some good prospects show up. Being a landlord is NOT as easy as I thought it would be...and we don't even have a real tenant yet!!

#4 Play: I hope to get some this weekend among all this...we'll see. ;-)

I think Friday the 13th was lucky for me. :-)

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Lori said...

You got yourself a fit! And you didn't have a fit getting it! Yay for you! The color sounds beautiful.

Listen, you're walking around way more it sounds like and if the WOW isn't quite black and white, don't worry about one pound, esp. if it's the week before your period. It will go down substantially if you keep at the walking, etc.

BTW, maybe you didn't want to deal with negotiating for a car exactly BECAUSE you do it at work all the time. Coals to Newcastle, that sort of thing. I hope you had a great weekend!