Monday, July 2, 2007

The Move

Just a quick round-up of my move yesterday:

I got up at 7 am (the movers were due at 9, but I had a feeling they might be early). I still had a lot of final stuff to pack and unplug stuff, etc. I went out to get McDs for breakfast at 8 and we were eating when the movers showed up at 8:30!! Yikes, we had to get moving lickety split! DB helped soo much -- unplugged and packed tvs, etc., helped direct traffic, and much much more.

We left my old house around 10:30 and headed to storage (most of my remaining stuff went there). These movers were awfully good...we CRAMMED that storage unit! It is filled to the top without a millimeter to spare. Whew! We left there after about an hour or hour and a half and headed to the new pad. The unload was a lot faster and they were done by 1:15. Unfortunately, they couldn't get my bed into the apartment, though. (So we've got it on CraigsList and are hoping to sell it to someone who is coming by tonight.)

After the movers left, we headed back to the old place for some lunch (I had never eaten at the famous hoagie shop on the corner so we got one to split from there -- yum!). Then we went to a sporting goods store and got a big blow-up mattress that we'd been wanting for Burning Man anyway (it's double high so almost like a real bed) for $70 and put the mattress on top of that! It's a little weird to sleep on, but comfy enough. Then back to the old place to pack up the final odds and ends and the pets. There was still so much there that both of our cars were PACKED. We left about 4 or so, I think. I shed a tear or 2...I do love that house and had wonderful times there.

After we unloaded our cars at the new place, DB went home and I unpacked enough so that I could go to work today. We showered and met up again around 9 pm for a small dinner (at the restaurant right behind our house) and then we collapsed...I feel like a truck hit me today! It was really non-stop for 14 hours...I think I sat down 3 times all day for max 5 minutes each! And I must have gone up and down the stairs at the new place 30 times (very good for leg exercise -- and to work off McDs and hoagie)!

Polar Bear (kitty) is ensconced in the kitchen and seems perfectly happy to stay there! Good boy. Doglet is a little confused about what happened to his doggy door, but he likes running up and down the steps and getting lots of walks. :-)

The apartment is really really nice. I feel like I'm on vacation (well, if there weren't still boxes stacked up around...)! This morning DB came over at 8 and we (including Doglet) walked down to the boardwalk for breakfast. It was GREAT to be so close and see it in the early morning. Lots of locals out walking their dogs, etc. And nothing like being able to WALK to see the ocean!

This morning DB also met with a guy to get an estimate on replacing the garage doors (they are pretty beat up wood -- we want aluminum and with automatic garage door openers) and with a contractor about the construction we want to do in the house when we get in. It's all good!

We are busy little bees with all our house stuff and also with me looking for a new car (I need to get rid of my huge gas guzzler SUV which hardly fits in our new garage and really REALLY want a Beetle). And tonight we go to our attorney's house to sign our pre-non-nup agreement. Then back to the old place one last time to put out some heavy trash. Did I mention how tired I am?! Good thing we have off work on Wednesday -- and the guy who sold us our house has invited us to his house for a party on the 4th! We really like him so are definitely going to go. It's going to be amazing to be at the beach on the 4th!!!!!!!!

I am so happy. This is a dream come true. And when DB moves in and when we move in TOGETHER it will be even better!!!!!

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