Monday, July 30, 2007

Living in sin

DB and I are closer than ever to really living together -- all of our stuff is at least on the same property! :-) So far we're sleeping at The Last Bachelorette Pad and his office is down below. We'll try to get both units all nice before we have his kids and grandkids up for a family fun day at the beach this weekend.

It was an extremely tiring weekend. Saturday we got up at 7 to go to Home Depot, then DB started building another shelf in our garage for storage. The cable people came to fix mine and hook up his, then I went for a hair cut. After that, heavy-duty yoga for an hour and a half then biked down to B's to pack pack pack!

We got back to our place about 5, then DB went back home with his car to get his computers, etc. I cleaned house, did laundry, walked with Doglet then DB got home about 7:30 with the computers and, after showering, we headed out to late dinner.

Yesterday we got up early, jumped on bikes to head to his place to wait for movers (I love the beach in the morning!!). Then did movers until about 2. Stopped for lunch (salad and beer), then back to his place to clean (he's having a cleaner in tomorrow, but the place was FILTHY and we really needed to get off the top layer of grime). We finished up around 6 or so, then showered (in DB's new place!) and walked down the street to another new-to-us place for dinner that was really good (more salad, but some "bad" appetizers celebrate).

Got home fairly early and did a few more things then CRASHED. We're pretty much living back-and-forth between the two apartments -- upstairs and downstairs. ;-) DB loves his new office (although he's got a lot to unpack). It's all very good, but we are pooped. I kind of wish I had taken today off, but I'll have a few days off in a few weeks when my family from NYC comes to visit.

I think I did ok on food for the weekend with all the exercise we got. (My weight was down at my weigh-in on Friday too.). Time will tell, but I'm exercising a lot more than "usual" being at the beach and hope that continues...


Vickie said...

Glad things are going well - are you going to start posting pictures as you work through the remodeling????

Helen said...

Probably not a lot of photos -- we don't have much remodeling to do! We just banged down a wall last week to make DB's studio/office one big room instead of a 1 BR apartment. In September, we'll be putting a door between that unit and "our" big unit so we'll have one big house. Other than odds and ends, that's our big "remodel"!