Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The past two anniversaries, DB and I have had wonderful long weekends in Catalina -- the first year, he surprised me. The second year, I surprised him with a repeat! So that's kind of our tradition. This year we agreed that we had to forgo that with all the real estate stuff going on (although we hope and plan to reinstate the tradition next year). So we decided to celebrate by recreating our first date! ;-)

Before we began to recreate 2004, we started with sparking sake on our new patio after inspecting the construction in DB's studio/office that happened yesterday (the wall is down and the place is gonna be fantastic!). I gave him his card and present there -- he loved his gift and choked up at the card (me too).

Then he went back to his place and we were off to recreate 2004!! We met at the same time as and at the same place. We didn't manage to get the same table, but he and I both wore as much of the same clothes as we had access to. ;-) The interior of the restaurant is much more romantic now and the sushi was much better than I remembered. AND they let us drink sake that we brought (unlike last time!). DB got me the most amazing AMAZING card and I was all choked up again (he was too). We talked about so much and how lucky we are and how happy.

After dinner we changed up the order of the date a little -- I had to go to the bathroom so we headed to his place BEFORE the beach walk instead of after like in 2004 (now don't get excited, I only went to the bathroom there in 2004!). We rode in my car (the first time he's ridden in the new one so that was fun). Before we went to the beach he gave me these great leggings I wanted that look like tattoos so I could keep my legs warm on the beach -- they also say "je vous aimes" which is special too. Then we walked down to the beach with a sake bottle (for old time's sake -- we didn't really drink much). The moon on the water was as beautiful as in 2004. DB was as romantic as then too. Our silences were precious...again and still. He gave me a beautiful coral and silver necklace. We went home (to our place) about 10:30 and soon went to sleep.

It was a great celebration. And it's so fun moving closer and closer to being totally in our place!!! Today DB is building shelves in the garages so we have extra storage. And I'm going to make dinner after my exercises...

Romantic. :-)


Lori said...

I'm so happy for you two. He sounds so sweet and wonderful and of course, you know I already think that of you (plus your incredible coolness factor of 1000X).

Your necklace sounds gorgeous but all of the wonderful things he did. WOW.

Cindy174 said...

I loved reading this. Recreating that first date was a fabulous idea. Happy anniversary!