Monday, July 16, 2007

Glorious weekend

Maybe someday I'll stop raving about how lucky I am to be living at the beach...but today is not that day!

Saturday I showed the apartment all day to many different people. Everyone loved it, but only one has applied so far. I think he's a good candidate and we're having him over tonight to meet DB and to try to fit his car in the garage (cross your fingers!). I hope he works out.

Saturday night I had a wonderful dinner with a friend and her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday...we went to the special restaurant just around the corner from me and it was yummy.

Yesterday my one big plan was to get the lease ready for our tenant. It was hard to concentrate because it was a glorious beach day. I slept in until 10 (I needed that) then raced to get Doglet his morning beach walk (dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk between 11 and 8 on weekends and holidays). I really can't describe how breathtaking it is to see the mountains, waves, surfers, everything in the morning. I did get the lease done and ended up walking Doglet about 5 times AND taking a bike ride!! I also managed to finish the lease and visit with some neighbors. And I didn't take my car out of the garage all day -- just walked and biked where I needed to go. This has GOT to be good for my fitness. P.S. I weighed on Saturday and that pesky stuff from Friday was gone. Hopefully for good!

This is the life, folks!! Damn, I'm lucky. And today DB finally comes back from Nearby Town -- he'll be home for 2 straight months and I can't wait!! :-))


Lori said...

Wow, that's great. I hope the car worked out for the potential new tenant. I'm so happy to hear how much walking you and the Doglet are getting (esp. when you hear about the temps out in California).

What a great weekend! Cheers to you and DB. :-)

Cindy174 said...

If I lived on the beach I'd rave about it, too. The beach is in my blood. I cannot deny it. In fact, I was thrilled on Sunday when I found a patch of sand on a river bank! I am so happy for you. I leased my house so I know what you are going through. But I am so so excited for you. That breathtaking view is such an awesome gift. Enjoy it!