Friday, June 29, 2007

Today's the day!

I'm feeling much better than last night, thank goodness! :-)

My weigh-in this morning was less than a pound up from last week and I'll take that after a super-stressful week where I definitely put things in my stomach that I normally wouldn't.

I'm also actually getting a little EXCITED about the house now being ours (I haven't gotten formal notice that the deed has recorded, but...).

Best of all, DB might actually be coming home late tonight...I think maybe I've just needed a hug this week and I would have felt better.


Lori said...

Yay for you Helen!

I meant to comment yesterday on your post but food got in my way...

I think you might have been nervous because this house purchase is different than those in the past. There's the financial side of it which would make anyone nervous and then there's the side where you say, "I'm giving up my autonomy and joining forces with someone" kind of gulp! nervousness. Everyone has that, even if they buy a house with their best friend -- it's a scary commitment. But, you will be fine. You made an excellent choice in a partner with DB and it will be fine.

Much love and congratulations!

Vickie said...

Big plans for the 4th???