Friday, June 8, 2007

I was right

And, while usually I take great pride in that kind of statement, not so much today. :-(

The good news is that I am only up a pound. This is lucky after my eating behavior last week and my drinking behavior this week. I would have preferred to see a maintain, but this is really better than I probably deserve.

The bad news is that my gym is closing...NEXT WEDNESDAY. I'm bummed because I don't know another one in my neighborhood that I like yet (although DB gave me a good idea last night), but I have a plan to tide me over until I have investigated: I will cardio by walking Doglet or biking for 20 minutes on my "gym" days, then home to do a 50-minute yoga DVD. Will continue to do the pilates DVDs at other odd times. I think I'll be ok...particularly with all the packing and moving exercise over the next month! ;-)

Hoping very much that DB gets to come home tomorrow, but nothing is certain yet. I miss his sweet face (and other things!). ;-)


Lori said...

This might be a good opportunity to look at gyms at your new neighborhood. Actually if you go online or check out coupons, there might be some free 30 day trials at various places. You can test them out and see which ones you like and then join officially.

Are you into Jazzercise? Or are there drop-in classes at the Y or with the city that you can attend?

I think it's just great you have a good attitude about all of this -- it's been a crazy month and it's still early in June still!

Cindy174 said...

Doglet will be happy about the gym closing if you do more walking. You will get the exercise one way or another. Lori has a good idea about the free trials, and new member specials. Good that you only gained a pound, you can knock that one back off easy enough.