Thursday, June 7, 2007

I'm afraid I'm catching up with me

I haven't been "good" this week. I haven't been on WOW at all (i.e., I've had a drink every night). I doubt if my good luck the past few weeks is still holding...I think my "badness" will catch up with me at tomorrow's weigh-in.

Good things: ate well this week, exercised great this week.

Scared to get on the scale...hoping that The Stress Diet might save me from a gain, but I feel it's unlikely.

Must. get. a. grip. I really have NO excuse for my behavior this week. None.


Lori said...

You're looking at it half empty; you've been exercising and you say yourself that you've been eating good.

I know we want numbers on the scale to go down but half of the battle (I think and I could be wrong) is keeping up our good behaviors and making that sort of normal and every day-like.

Hang in there, we're rooting for you! I know it's been stressful for you lately too.

Thora said...

Irrefutable proof I am a nerd: I keep parsing "WOW" as World of Warcraft. :-B

Helen said...

Wine On Weekends. ;-)