Friday, June 22, 2007

What a week!

I haven't had the energy to write this week at all until now. And, frankly, I thought I might not be writing today in fear of what the scale might say. So, I'll get that out of the way right away -- I'm down FIVE pounds from last Friday. I guess the Queen of Fluctuations title still holds true for me. Now I'm back down to almost my lowest since I started this up-and-down trip. I have no idea how or why I'm down this week...I did horrible with WOW (excuses later) which was the one thing I did badly last week. I did my exercises (walking and pilates -- thanks again to Vickie for recommending the Ana Caban Beginner Mat Workout -- I love it!) as scheduled. I ate right (well, except for the 10 pounds of cheese that I ate before The Police show on Wednesday). But I also drank every night because... was a very stressful week with the house. On Wednesday, I found out that my mortgage broker had made a horrible mistake that I had to scramble and beg to get fixed. I was crying most of the day in fear and anger -- we could have lost the house, our deposit and gotten sued by the seller. Not one of the happiest days. The good news is that I did manage to pull it together and (at least as far as I know) we're back on track to close next Friday.

Wednesday was also the long-awaited Police show. I was so mad that I was crying all day on that day of all days!! I was worried my contacts would be too cloudy to see them and that I would end up having to wear my glasses which, while DB says he loves me in them and I think I look good, just don't make me feel as pretty as not having them. But they turned out to be ok. We had a fantastic time at the show -- they are an amazing band, I love love LOVE the songs, I danced and screamed and danced and sang and danced non-stop for 2 hours. It was wonderful exercise...I really felt it in my thighs yesterday!! DB didn't even want to go to the show (so I actually bought his extremely expensive ticket because I wanted him to go) and he LOVED it totally. He's drummer and just thought Stewart Copeland was amazing (me too). I've loved The Police since college (over 20 years) and have seen Sting many many times, but never saw the whole band before. Only a couple of things I didn't like -- there was virtually NO interaction with the audience (Sting literally said one sentence all night and the others said NOTHING) and the audience itself wasn't very peppy. Maybe that's how shows like these are these days...people spend SO much money that they are all rich and can't let loose and just PARTY and enjoy the show. I kept looking around our section and people were barely moving their heads...I was jumping up and down and could they not??? Anyway...

We went with my good friend whose marriage is slowly being over and her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Needless to say, they didn't quite have the lovey dovey wonderful time DB and I did together. And I think they were contagious...after we got home, DB and I had a blow up. I think it was mostly because the day up until the show had been just SO stressful with the mortgage problem. I ended up the day crying like I started. Sobbing is more like it. DB ended up holding me and we slept cuddled up toes to head.

Yesterday I couldn't even wear my contacts because of all the crying the day before (and, to be honest, because of the HUGE hangover I had). I still managed to do my exercise last night. Good me! :-)

So here I am on another Friday...looking at another Saturday when I say goodbye to DB for another week while he goes to take care of his parents. And another weekend of packing (I move next weekend!!). And I'm supposed to go to a birthday party for my mortgage broker on Sunday...not feeling too much like it after this week, but I guess I have to go...

At least my weight is down this week. :-)

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Lori said...

Helen, be very selective in your gift for your mortgage broker in light of what's happened....I'm sure it was an honest mistake but I felt so bad about all of this for you.

I'm so glad you had a fantastic time at the concert; my friend in Athens, GA got tix for the show in November. I believe it was extremely expensive for her from her description...but she's excited. It's Athfest this weekend for her; you'd probably enjoy it as would DB.

Congrats on the five pounds and say goodbye to a stressful week from Hell. Be kind to yourself as this week is not that easy either but less crazy too. I'm thinking of you!